Nowadays, cyber crime rate is increasing day by day which is damaging more and more people financially. Therefore, the question is how can one keep away a hacker from leaking your personal information? The only way to prevent them coming close to your important data is to create a strong password for the logins of the sites containing your personal information such as your bank’s official site, social media sites and email service providing sites.

It is important to make sure that all your usernames and passwords should not be same. Therefore, try to make unique username and password for every website you login. There is no doubt at all that remembering too many different passwords is not an easy task for most of the people. So, if you are one who cannot remember too many passwords but want to be at safe side, then you must try one of the following desktop tools which will help you create and manage your passwords.

1.    SecureSafePro Password Generator:


One of the most effective tools that can help you generate and remember your passwords is SecureSafePro. It has the simplest yet easy to understand user interface. It has the capability to generate hundred-thousand passwords on a single click. Also, the passwords can be as long as 99 letters and pronounce-able. Another great feature is that it creates a notepad file of the passwords that it has generated which can be used in future as a reminder.

2.    PassworG:


Giving you too many options for the letters that you want to have in your password, PassworG is another great tool for creating and managing passwords. A user can also create a readable password manually and can improve its quality and strength by using its different features. You can also check the strength of your password to determine whether it is strong enough to secure your account and personal information or not.

3.    Random Password Generator:


If you are looking for a tool that can help you generate, manage and check the strength of password, then Random Password Generator is the tool you are looking for. It has various options that make it distinct from any other password generating and managing tool. To make all your passwords more secure, it has its own security system which requires a password to see the list of passwords that you have created through it.

4.    Password Generator:


Password Generator would be your right choice if you want to have software that can help you generate and manage passwords without installing it on your desktop. All you have to do is to select your language among the list of 15 given language and push the F5 key to generate hundreds of passwords.

Also, it allows you to save all the generated passwords in notepad file to make sure you will not forget any. Another great feature that you can have with it is the strength checker termed as “Password Checker” in it which will assist you in determining the security level of the password that you have selected.