Slideshare is the world’s largest online professional community for hosting, discovering and sharing presentations or slides. People often use it to present their own work and find new ideas and inspiration. It has become a “must-have” tool for every business professional, teacher and student. The content uploaded on Slideshare spreads quickly over the web through blogs and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Currently, the website has over 25 million monthly visitors.


Businesses and individuals upload documents and presentations on Slideshare in order to share ideas and generate sales by connecting with others. On Slideshare, anyone can view presentations on topics of their interest. It is the best way to get your presentations spread over the Internet so that more and more people can share your ideas. Although Slideshare is the number one website for uploading and sharing presentations, it is not the ONLY website specialized in this. There are other high-quality websites as well that allows you to upload, host and share amazing presentations and slideshows. Some of these websites are listed below:

1.    AuthorStream

One of the most popular and the most amazing alternatives for Slideshare is AuthorStream. It is one of the best websites for uploading, hosting and sharing PowerPoint presentations on the Internet. This website makes it easier to share your slideshows for free through various websites, blogs, YouTube and even through iPod.  It offers various categories for uploading presentations including education, business and finance, science and technology and many more.

One of the greatest features of this website is that it shows your presentations exactly as they are. So, whether you use animations or videos in your presentations, AuthorStream will display the slideshow as it is. Moreover, you can convert your slideshows into videos and broadcast them live to all the members.

2.    Scribd

Scribd is one of the most famous and extensively used content sharing platforms on the Internet. As the website itself says, it is the world’s largest digital library where you can read, publish, discover and share books and documents of all kinds. Besides presentations, Scribd can be used to upload e-books, PDF files and various other types of documents. Till now, almost 30 million books and documents have been uploaded to Scribd and this content reaches 100 million people from around the world every month.

With Scribd, you can discover great content by browsing the home page of the website, checking your social feed or using the search option. Using the mobile apps, you can easily read the content in your smart phone or tablet. You can also convert any book or document into any format such as a beautiful webpage. Scribd also allows massive distribution of your content through various search engines and social media websites.

3.    Reel

Reel is another alternative for Slideshare that allows quick creation and sharing of presentations online. It is a platform where you present your ideas online and get feedback from users. It allows you to upload files and slides in various formats such as PPT, PDF, DOC, JPEG and GIF formats that are saved online behind a unique URL which makes it easy to ask your audience for feedback. Viewers can rate your uploaded presentations by giving thumbs up or thumbs down so that you can know what the viewers love and where you need to improve. These ratings will appear on the summary page which shows the total number of responses to each presentation. Besides uploading, you can even create a presentation on the website itself.

4.    Speaker Deck

Speaker Deck is a great alternative for those who want to share their presentations without creating any mess. As the website itself says, it is the best way to share your presentations online. You need to simply convert your slides into PDF and upload them to Speaker Deck. Once uploaded, you can add them to an appropriate category and easily view them on You can even describe or share them on any other website with an embed code.

There are many different categories for presentations on this website including books, business, education, entertainment, humor, science, technology and many more. You can easily insert a link to your presentation into a website or blog or can simply share it on Twitter or Facebook.