A theme is of immense importance for a blogger since it determines the basic design and layout of a blog. It is really helpful in attracting visitors to your blog. Since there are thousands of beautiful themes available on the Internet, choosing the perfect one for your blog is sometimes quite difficult. People often get confused as to which theme to use for their blog because there are many factors that must be considered when deciding for a perfect theme. Some of them are given below:

Go for eye-catching designs:

The first important thing to consider when choosing a theme is that it should be attractive. A good, eye-catching design is very important since it attracts visitors to your blog. You should choose a theme which is unique and which is not used by many bloggers. Although it is quite difficult to find such a theme, (as most of the bloggers are using similar themes online) you can customize one of your own by getting help from the Internet or by hiring a developer. In this way, you will have your own original theme.

Choose your industry-related theme:

Besides choosing a theme that is attractive, another important thing to consider is to see whether or not the theme matches your business or industry. For example, if you have a blog about education, then you must select a theme that is related to school, college and university. If you have a blog about technology, you won’t choose a theme that is related to sports. Thus, you should always choose a theme that is related to your business.

Keep it simple:

Always go for a light theme and keep it as simple as possible because a light theme can be loaded quickly. Heavy themes that are full of ads or graphics have slow loading time and this irritates the visitors as they cannot wait for long for the whole page to load. So, for best functionality, you must always choose a theme that is simple.

Choose an “all-browser” compatible theme:

One more important thing is to make sure that the theme you’ve selected is compatible with all Internet browsers. There are some themes that are completely changed when opened in an older version of a browser, so make sure you look for browser compatibility.

Download from an authentic source:

Always use a trusted and authentic source to buy or download your theme as there are many fake theme providers on the Internet who can leave exploit codes in your theme’s source. Thus, they will make your blog vulnerable to online threats. Moreover, when buying a theme, you should also be aware of the terms of service of your theme provider.

Check out the reviews:

See what other people say about the theme you’ve selected for your blog. Search for a theme that is highly rated and that has a number of reviews on it. By reading the reviews of other people, you will have an idea of what people like or dislike about the particular theme you’ve selected.