The 404 or Page Not Found error is the most common error that you may have seen on web. It is a response that you get from web hosting server when you land on a web page that does not exist or has been removed from the database.

It may not be the fault of web owner, but it can harm search engine ranking of his site. Why and how? It is because most of the visitors leave the error page immediately which, as a result, increases the bounce rate. Consequently, the search rankings or position of the website on search result goes down. Worst of all, it decreases the ROI of one’s website.


However, you can save your site by considering it as a second chance to engage your visitor and to take him to your home page. There is no doubt that it is a difficult task to re-engage your visitor. In order to do it, you will have to put all your efforts into making a nice, cool and creative 404 page.

I cannot, actually, tell you how to make it a creative one. However, I can show you some examples which will give you inspiration assist you in making it an attractive one.

Following is the list of the creative 404 error pages:

1.    B3ta:


The above page is a simple 404 error page having attractive graphical image, nice tagline and three buttons to take your visitor to the main site or any other valid page of the website.

2.    Tinsanity:


This is another creative 404 page that can attract and get attention of your visitors right at a first glance.

3.    Zivity:


Quite a nice page having a simple image and an attractive tagline beneath the main 404 error message “but we still love you”.

4.    Kidmondo:


It is a simple yet a good example of making your 404 page creative and effective. Designer has simply used a sad emoticon with a link to the home page.

5.    Lileks:


The above one is also one of the simplest yet effective 404 pages that you may have seen.

6.    Mozilla:


Above is another great illustration of how to make your error page simple yet attractive.

7.    Catswhocode:


This one is the simplest, relevant and effective 404 page designed by the developer. It is not acknowledging visitor that he has landed on the wrong page, but also guiding him to find what he is willing to find through search bar.

8.    Browsermedia:


It is a highly-creatively 404 error page ideal for engaging the viewers. Designer has not added any text in it as the design is explaining everything that the visitor wants to know why he is seeing this page.

9.    Peapod:


This one is one of the most relevantly designed 404 pages to the category of the website. Just look at the error message to visualize the creativity of the designer.

10.    Modcloth:


This one has all the important factors in it. The image is perfect, the text is explanatory and the links are there to take your visitors to the valid pages of the website.


11.    EmailCenterUK


A fairly creative 404 page presented by the pragmatic minds of Email Center UK. This 404 is a bit unique in that it lacks heavy-graphical elements yet exudes a creative approach to impress its users when they are 404’d. Tap any of the four developers and see their expression.