website is used for searching, buying and selling numerous already-registered domain names that website owners have listed for auction. Through these auction sites, owners place bids to purchase the previously registered domain names that suit the needs of their websites. The auction websites provide tools through which users can easily purchase several domains that are listed for sale by the owner. The highest bidder wins in every auction. So, the more popular a domain name, the higher will be bid.


Nowadays, there are a number of domain name auction websites available on the Internet, but choosing the best one among them is not an easy thing to do. Given below are some of the top domain name auction websites:

1.    Go Daddy

Go Daddy is the most popular domain name auctioneer in the industry. At Go Daddy, you can place a bid, make an offer and buy or sell currently registered domain names. Website owners can sell their domain names and potential buyers can bid on them. The website offers a series of one-day live online Signature Domain Auctions for exclusive, high-value domain names.

2.    Afternic

Afternic is the world’s first domain marketplace that has more than 5 million domain names available for sale and receives more than 75 million searches every month. It is the most trusted name in domain buying and selling. As a pioneer in the domain aftermarket, Afternic connected buyers and sellers of domains for the very first time and created the industry’s first domain marketplace. Till now, Afternic has sold more than one hundred thousand domain names in more than one hundred countries. In order to purchase domain names on Afternic, you have to sign-up for a membership which costs $1 per year, whereas selling domains on the website can cost you $19.95 per year.

3.    DomainMonkey

Domain monkey is the central source for latest news, information, tips and advice on buying, selling and parking domain names. The website works with domain name partners to offer the best price and appraisal information. Through Domain monkey, you can earn money from your unused domain names. The site improves the chances of selling your domain names and allows you to manage your domain portfolio.

4.    Bido

Bido is a one-day domain name auction website that offers different pricing options for selling domains. Since 2008, more than 8500 domain names have been successfully sold at Bido. It is absolutely free to sign-up at Bido to create an account and 8% commission is charged on selling the domain names. At Bido, people vote for the items they want, and on the basis of their choice, Bido auctions these items.

5.    Sedo

Sedo is the best place to buy, sell and park domains. Sedo’s domain marketplace has the largest selection of the world’s best domain names. It has over 1 million members from all over the world and trades domains in more than 20 languages. Sedo connects buyers and sellers and makes it easy for users and companies to get access to the domains they need for their online existence.

6.    DomainTools

DomainTools has the most widespread collection of domain name ownership records in the world. It combines these records with important web hosting data in order to expose new opportunities in website improvement, domain investment and brand protection. DomainTools offer a wide range of searchable databases for domain name registration and data hosting. The website is on its mission to build the most powerful domain name and DNS research and monitoring tools all over the world.