Facebook, the world’s number one Social Media network, is used widely for promoting the business through one of its classical features i.e. Facebook page. Only those businesses have not created their pages on it who does not know the importance of it. Here’s one thing that you must keep in your mind that only creating a page is not enough to promote your business. In order to promote your business, you will have to increasing your followings as well.


Boosting your page’s visibility on Facebook and increasing its audience or fan-following is not an easy task, especially, if you do not know how to go about it. In order to help you out, I have shared a list of amazing tips that will promote your Facebook page.

1.    List It Under The Correct Category:

The first and foremost thing that you will have to do before you start promoting your page is to list it under the appropriate category while creating it. That time is long gone when you can list your page under any category and Facebook administration does not interrupt it. Now, the rules of creating a page have become stricter.

If you list it under the wrong or in-appropriate category, you will have to change it later which will affect its searching results. Also, there is a possibility that someone or Facebook bots report it to the administration and they will block it permanently. Therefore, to avoid such conditions, you must list it under the accurate category at the time of creation.

2.    Share And Recommend:

Once you have created and listed your page under the appropriate category, now is the time to start sharing and recommending it. This is the very basic yet an important strategy for promotion of a new page. Tell your friends and family members to like it. Ask them to recommend it to their peers and colleagues to like it. This will be quite slow initially. However, it will gain momentum later on.

3.    Shout Out On Every Media Platform:

Another good practice that you will have to keep in your mind is not to promote your page on Facebook only but to promote it on other Social Media platforms too. For example, you are new to Facebook but you have strong profiles on Twitter and/or Google Plus (G+). Now you can make the most of those profiles by telling the audience, you have there, to like the page you have created. In this way, you can get many likes in a very short time without any hard work.

4.    Be Unique and Consistent:

One of the important things that you must pay attention to is to be unique, consistent. This is something that can help you engage the audience and compel them to interact with your page, like and share your post which increases the chances that their friends will also going to like it –when they will observe any activity of them on your page.

5.    Include Relevant Hashtags:

The last but an important thing that most of the people know about Twitter but not about Facebook searching algorithm is that the post or page, having hashtags, is highlighted when anyone search for the information through it. However, only that post or page will stand at the top in the search result that has the relevant hashtag that users use for searching.

Therefore, try to include relevant hashtags in your every post. Also, add them on your page information too. This helps the people to find your page when they search a hashtag that is related to your page. Your page or post would not be pinned at top in the search results if you have not included hashtag in it.

One more thing you must pay attention to is that you can add two to three hashtags, maximum, in each of your post and page info section. Using hashtags more than the defined limit will be considered as spam which will devastate your efforts that you have made on promoting it.