A membership website is a good way when it comes to monetize the efforts you are putting in blogging. Creating a membership website can bring your income up to 6 figures, per month, and provides you with recurring income stream for life-long.

When it comes to build a successful membership web, you need to have a handful amount of targeted audience which can easily sign-up to your blog and become members of it. If you are already running a blog, then it will be easier to transform it into a membership website.

How To Build Membership Website

However, you still need to put efforts and develop effective strategies for getting more and more members for your web. Following are some of the important factors that you must read and implement, carefully, to build a successful membership website.

1. Customize Look And Feel:

If you are transforming your existing blog or web into a membership site, then it is necessary to change its design or theme to give it a customized look and feel. It will help your visitor to observe that some major changes has been made to your blog and they are likely to browse different areas of your website to know for what reasons the appearance of blog is completely changed.

2. Improve The Content Quality:

In case you want to transform your existing blog into a membership website, then you must give your audience a reason for paying in order to become member. If the content you are publishing on your membership website is of same quality as it was of blog, then the audience is not likely to sign-up for paid membership account. You have to provide some exceptional information within your blog’s niche that craves the audience to get access to it. Else, they are likely to move on to another blog in the same niche.

3. Restrict The Paid Content Only:

One of the most important things that you will have to keep in mind in order to build a successful membership web is not to put restriction on every section or article of your blog. The restriction should only be applied to the premium content you have published on it and not on every other post. It is because someone who is visiting your web for the first time may want to have a look at the content you are providing.

If the visitor finds your content informative, then he/she will be likely to sign-up for the paid membership account, as well. On the other hand, if you have restricted entire content of your blog, then the chances are the visitor will leave your web without signing-up because he/she will not have anything to determine whether you worth his/her money or not.

4. Offer Different Pricing Plans:

Last but not the least is offering different pricing plans to your audience who want to become member of your blog. It is because not everyone can afford to pay lump sum membership amount for lifetime, yearly and quarterly. Similarly some wants to pay monthly and some do not. Therefore, you need to provide your audience with different pricing plans to pick them the plan which fits them best.

Reducing pricing options will increase the risk of losing potential members. One more thing that can help you gain more and more members is to offer a free trial version of a week or two. It will help your potential members check the quality of content you are providing to paid members only.