There is no doubt at all that there is nothing that can replace Twitter completely –the second most widely used social media network. There are several factors behind its popularity. However, the one and the main reason behind it, being so famous and populated, is that most of the celebs, stars and famous personalities are using it very frequently to greet their fans and friends and to tell the world whatever they are currently doing and what they are willing to do in future.


There is no question that it is the best instant messaging social networking platform. However, it is not the only one. There are some other micro-blogging platforms also that are playing their role in social media world very well. So, if you are fed-up with Twitter and want to break its addiction, you must try out the following alternatives.

1.    Stumbleupon:


One of the most effective Twitter alternatives that you must look at is none other than Stumbleupon. If you are one who is using Twitter mainly to find informative content and new yet helpful websites or blogs then you must give it a try.

It allows you to join the communities of your interest which can help you get the related information. You can rate the sites within the communities and comment your views on them. Also, you can stumble and share them with your friends too.

It does not only allow you to rate, stumble or share others blogs or webs. However, you can also add your own blog to it and can list it under the category that is related to your blog’s category. In this way, you can also drive targeted traffic to your site.

2.    Tumblr:


Another well known social media website that can be a helpful twitter alternate is Tumblr. Twitter was basically designed for short messaging but with the limitation and these limitations, sometimes, annoys you. Such as, conveying your message within 140 characters only.

Due to this particular limitation and restriction of letter count, you will have to select complex words and phrases that are not only hard to understand for layman but also to compose it. And, if you are not that intelligent, then you will have to send a couple of tweets to send your complete message. On the other hand, Tumblr allows you to send text, share videos and photos more easily with no such restrictions.


app-dot-net is considered as another good alternative for people who want to get rid of Twitter. It was founded by Mixed Media Lab CEO Dalton Caldwell and was designed to provide a social media platform like Twitter. However, the only difference between twitter and is that it has no advertisement of products and promotional activity of different brands. As a result of it, you do not have to see those promoted tweets which you hate most.

However, you will have to pay an upfront fee of 50$ per year which is not a big deal to enjoy a social networking experience with no ads and pop-ups. And, if you are not able to pay this little amount before experiencing it, you can have its “freemium” account.

However, the free version has certain restrictions on using its certain features. So, if you want a restriction free yet ads free social media website, then you must give it a try by signing-up for a premium account.