In the past few years, social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter have become very popular. Besides these websites, another platform which is rapidly gaining popularity these days is Pinterest. Pinterest is a website or a “digital pin board” where people share and upload pictures which they find beautiful, attractive and engaging. It can be called “a tool for collecting and organizing the things that inspire you.”


Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the largest social networks in less than three years with over 20 million users. Pinterest can be a great source of traffic which cannot be ignored, especially if you’re interested in the visual side of marketing. It is the most preferred website to boost up your business because it is very simple and easily applicable. But many people simply do not understand how to properly use Pinterest or what is its purpose. Here are some ways you can use Pinterest to boost your business.

1.    Install Pinterest Buttons On Your Website

Pinterest has got numerous interesting tools for its users. One way to promote your business through Pinterest is to install these interesting tools on your website in order to attract people using it. You can add buttons to your website such as the “pin-it” or the “follow me on Pinterest”, which are easily accessible from it.

2.    Share Appropriate Content And Attractive Images

One of the most important strategies of using Pinterest to promote your business is to share the right content and appealing images of your products. Whatever you create, be it videos, e-books, PDF documents or blog posts, “pin” your content in order to share it with others but be sure that it is appropriate.

Appropriate content means that it should be relevant to your business. Regular sharing of your content will allow others to see what you actually have to offer. In addition to sharing the right content, it is important to share unique, attractive images of your products in order to draw a large number of audiences towards your business.

3.    Create Separate Boards

To categorize your products in a better way, you can create separate boards on Pinterest. This will allow you to divide and target your profile according to different buying groups. You can now even add the price of a particular product to its image.

4.    Use The “Pin-It” Button

You will find a “pin-it” button on Pinterest which allows you to pin or share your most recent content with just a single click. Whenever someone clicks on the button or whenever an article is pinned, a back-link is created from the website to the content. In other words, every time a user clicks on your pin, it directs them to your website, which ultimately increases your website traffic. You should make proper use of the pin-it button by adding it directly into your product descriptions. After you click the button, remember to edit your pin’s description and credit the original source.

5.    Make Your Own Pins

Through Pinterest, you can make your own pins containing pictures from your blog/website and pictures of your products. You can also share pictures of different accessories, packaging and pictures showing relationships with your customers. Your main aim is to bring new users to your own website. You allow a link to a web page of your own choice with every picture you share on Pinterest. This web page can be the product page or the home page of your own website.

6.    Leverage Your Creativity

Put some creativity into the boards and pins you create. Make sure that they are unique and related to your niche. Use creative ways to write the description of your pins such as “Use Pinterest to promote your product” or “click here for further information about this product.” Use stylish fonts on a striking background to attract more visitors.

7.    Social Media Integration

Another great way to boost your business is to integrate Pinterest to your Facebook account. By including its buttons to your Facebook, you can do some cross-promotion for your business. You can easily integrate it through applications such as Woobox. Integration allows you to share your Pinterest board on Facebook or link your pins to your FB’s profile, thus driving more traffic.