Every person, on the earth’s surface, wants to make money out of the efforts that he is making anywhere. Most of the ways of earning money are traditional which is quite boring. However, there are very few ways that can get you paid for things that are interesting such as, earning money through your influence, connections or networks on social media.

Some of you may be thinking that how is it possible as most of the well-known advertisers do not offer you this method of getting paid. If you are one of them, then you would not have heard the name of the emerging advertising and publishing site i.e. MyLikes.com. This particular site allows you to make money from every possible way.


If you do not know the ways that can help you get paid easily with MyLikes, then you must read the given list of the ways of earning money with it.

1.    Through Social Media:

The first interest way through which you can earn money at home with MyLikes is social media. All you have to do is to generate a link through your account that you have created on it and post it with the tweets that you are posting. Along with Twitter, you can also share it on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus (G+), etc.

However, one thing that you will have to look at very carefully is the money that you will be getting via views and clicks. Also check whether the social media platform, on which you are willing to share the link, is allowed by the advertiser or not. Ignoring these tips can ruin your efforts and you would not be able to make the money via MyLikes.

2.    Through Videos:

Another great way to earn money, easily, with MyLikes is to publish ads with your videos. However, one thing that you must keep in your mind while sharing ad through videos is to share videos that are related to the ad or advertiser and made by your own. Also, you will have to mention, in the description, that the video is sponsored. You may also mention the name of the advertiser but it is not required.

On an average, a good-rate ad can accumulate up to $50 in your Mylikes account for 1000 views. Let say that your video gets 4000 views in a week then the amount that will be transferred to your account would be around $200 –which is not bad as an extra income per week.

3.    Through Blog Or Website:

Last effective way to make money with MyLikes is to earn through the traffic coming to your blog or website. All you have to do is to install the widget on your blog. After installing it, you will see that the views that were being wasted previously will now become a source of steady income. Don’t worry if you are already publishing other’s advertiser’s ads, because it is compatible with any other ads publishing service.

Bottom Line:

I have mentioned 3 different ways to earn money via MyLikes. However, to maximize your earnings, you can use all of them, altogether.