As a shopping cart, Shopify provides you with a wide range of apps and plugins that you would require to make your online store customer friendly. Since, there are a lot of ecommerce apps available at Shopify, it becomes hard for most of the people to decide which app should they purchase and which one not.

best shopify apps

Image Credit: Shopify

In order to make it easier for you, I have listed below 5 best Shopify apps that you must consider to integrate in your online store for managing inventory, showcasing products and as well as increasing sales of your online store.

1. Hello Bar:

Hello Bar is a simple plugin that you may have seen on many websites and online stores. It adds customizable bar at the top of your online store in which you can add anything or everything you want to inform your readers about such as the recent items you have added, current shipping rates, discount offers, or any friendly message that you think can entice your customers to make a purchase. This app is available for free but for 20 clicks per month.

2. Olark:

Olark is another magnificent app which integrates live chat option in your online store. It is important to have live chat option in your E-commerce store as mostly customers want to know that they are dealing with real people and not with a design template. This helps in building their trust and increases the chances that they will make purchase.

Also, online customers are usually in a rush and if they want to know anything about the product, they want to know that thing right away. So with Olark, you can give them real-time support so that they can ask whatever they want to know about the product to purchase it.

3. Yopto Social Reviews:

It is seen that most of the online customers make purchase by reading the reviews of the shoppers. Reviews assist in developing trust by showcasing that the products you have offered are of good quality and, therefore, the money that they would spend on buying your product will not be wasted.
Yopto Social Reviews makes it easier for you to generate customer reviews by sending an email to shoppers and asking them to share their views about the product they have bought. With Yopto Social Reviews, you can design your own email template with customized text.

Also, you can set a time period to send email, for asking review from the customer, after the purchase is made. This app also allows you to add a discount coupon to allure your customers to give review about the product.

4. Contact Form:

In case, you are not willing to integrate live chat option but still want to communicate and resolve issues of your customers, you can simply do it by adding Contact Form in your store. It is a basic but a nice app that gives your customers an option to leave a message or query which will be directly sent to your inbox.

5. Happy Ending:

It is a sure thing that everyone wants and enjoys happy ending and, therefore, your customers may be willing for the same. With Happy Ending app, you can design templates after your checkout page which can redirect your customers to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc, on which they can share what they have purchased from your store.

In this way, you can also get free publicity of your online store and the chances are their friends and followers may visit your store to check what you are offering and buy something from your store.