Referral marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business be it a traditional business or an online one. All you need to do is to provide them some benefits, discounts, promotions, freebies or any other thing that you think can entice your customers and they will talk about your brand and promote it among their friends and family members and social circles.

This marketing technique is quite similar to the affiliate marketing. However, the only difference is that it requires communication and software support and affiliate, on the other hand, needs active approach from the owner. Due to its effectiveness, many large scale businesses are putting loads of money in it.

According to online resources, DropBox, a renowned cloud storage service provider, has designed a referral marketing campaign of 3 billion dollars which is getting 35% of the daily sign-ups.

best referral marketing tools

When it comes to referral marketing, you need some feature rich tools to help you manage your campaign easily. There are various referral marketing tools available over the internet. However, not every tool is efficient.

Therefore, you need to research a lot to find the one that fits you best according to your needs. In order to save your time, I have compiled a list of few best referral marketing tools which you can use to promote your brand among the extended audience group.

1. Ambassador:

As it names, the software is meant to transform your customers into your brand ambassadors. You can track your referrals to analyze the effectiveness of the referral programs you are running and reward your ambassadors with points, cash, and virtual swag and receive metrics to analyze the increased Return On Investment (ROI).

It also provides you with the social recommendations to increase your sales by converting your visitors into customers. You can sign-up by providing your contact details and avail 14-days free trial. In case, you do not like it, you can simply cancel the registration anytime you want.

2. InviteBox:

InviteBox is yet another great referral marketing tool which helps business owners to reach new potential customers simply via social referral programs. With this software, you can design and implement an effective marketing strategy easily.

In case, you are not sure whether it would meet your requirements or not, you can sign-up for a trial version. The trial version subscription can be availed by providing some basic contact details and do not require any financial data such as your credit card information.

3. Expect Referrals:

Expect Referrals is one of the most effective referral marketing tools available on the board. This is an effective tool which helps you generate more leads by transforming your existing customers into brand marketers. This tool helps you build business in a social way. It does not require too many things in order to create referral marketing campaign.

All you need to do is to manipulate some important fields and your marketing campaign will be ready to launch within few minutes. Unlike other referral software, it provides you with a free trial version of 30 days. All you need to do is to sign-up an account by providing contact details only.

4. Referral SaaSquatch:

One of the tremendous tools for designing and implementing a bountiful referral marketing campaign is Referral SaaSquatch. It helps you design an alluring marketing campaign that actually encourages your visitors to publicize your brand.

This a complete referral marketing suite having every possible feature that you are looking for in a marketing tool such as tracking and fulfillment, in-app widget, referral analytics, ongoing optimization, subscription ready rewards and enterprise grade fraud protection. You need to register an account to request the demo version of this software.

5. Good Peeple:

Good Peeple is a unique referral marketing tool which is focused to generate leads via your Facebook page. How? It is designed on an intelligent algorithm which promotes your brand or product to your customer’s Facebook friend by creating local Facebook ads automatically.

Another great feature of this app is that it contacts the customer, automatically, who left a good review about your company, service or product and ask him/her to post it on your Google business page. As a result of it, your company will become more credible and your ranking in business listing will be improved greatly.

Also, it can help you grow your fanbase to get more and more customers. In order to have hands on experience on all of these exceptional features, you will need to sign-up for a free account which would be a trial version only. And, if you think that it is helping you grow business, you will need to upgrade your account to premium version.

6. Referral Candy:

Last but not the least is another efficient tool Referral Candy. It helps you increase your customer base by encouraging your existing customers to promote your brand on your behalf. It helps you design a customized referral marketing campaign for your business.

You can also track the effectiveness of your campaign by showing you the number of customers derived to your business through it and what are their reviews about it. Sign-up your account and avail 30-days risk-free trial.