The Christmas is just about to come and some of you may still be thinking about the gifts that you want to give to your loved ones including your family members, friends or loved one. It becomes harder when you will have to pick a present for creative people like web designers and developers. The reason why choosing gifts has become hard for such people is that the presents should not look good only but also of their use.

Christmas Gifts for designers and developers

However, this Christmas eve, you do not have to strive hard to pick up a gift for your loved ones as I have handpicked some of the best gift for creative people. Scroll down to view some of the coolest Christmas gift ideas.

1. Browser Sketch Pad:

Browser Sketch Pad

When it comes to designing, the first thing that a designer needs to illustrate his ideas is to sketch them. Sketching UI and website ideas on ordinary papers is quite hectic due to the low quality of paper and the irregular size. However, with the Browser Sketch Pad –having Google Chrome on top, a UI or web designer can easily design innovative ideas on these smooth paper sheets which can be torn off for reviewing and pinning-up. With this gift, your loved can sketch some outstanding web themes and email templates as well.

2. Aqua Notes:

Aqua Notes

It is a fact that most of the outstanding ideas pop in our mind while taking shower and they can be lost if not note down. Now with Aqua Notes, one can easily note down his ideas without worrying to dry them off because these notes are waterproof.

3. Bamboo Stylus:


The world is now full of gadgets and creative people like designers are likely to sketch designs on the gadgets like tablets and iPads. So, if your loved one is a gadget-geek designer, Bamboo Stylus can be a perfect gift for him. There is a wide range of Bamboo Stylus and you can select the one that fits the need of your loved one.

4. UI Stencils:


UI Stencil kit is a must for every designer to come up with great sketch of his innovative ideas. It does not only save time that can be wasted in sketching small icons like social media icons, ecommerce icon, RSS feed icon and many more that one usually need to integrate in his designs.

5. USB LED Beverage Cooler:

USB LED Beverage Cooler

Everyone needs few sips of his favorite beverage after working for hours to get refreshed and restore energy to keep working. With this cool USB LED Beverage Cooler, you no more need to leave your seat to have a can of your favorite beverage and can enjoy a chilling drink within arm’s reach of your computer.

6. On/Off Mug:

On/Off Mug

There is nothing good than having a hot cup of coffee in the morning to bring your switch on your brain. This magic mug works on the same mechanism. The cold mug displays Off (written in white on black background) and when you will pour hot coffee in it, it will display On (written in black on white background).

7. Pixel PC Mouse:

Pixel PC Mouse

Pixel PC Mouse is yet another great gift for the creative individuals like designers and developers. It is actually shaped in style of Pixel Hand Pointer which gives it a unique look. Therefore, it can be a really cool present for your friend.

8. USB Coffee Mug Warmer:

USB Coffee Mug Warmer

It is usually seen that designers and developers keep working on their ideas for hours and need some caffeinated hot drinks to give a boost to their brain and restore energy. With this USB Mug Warmer, they can enjoy their favorite caffeinated hot drinks while working. Therefore, it can be a perfect present to be given on this Christmas.

9. Ctrl Alt Del Shaped Control Key Keyboard Reboot Cup Set:

Ctrl Alt Del Shaped Control Key Keyboard Reboot Cup Set

For the ones who cannot get enough of computer and coffee, the Ctrl Alt Del Shaped Control Key Keyboard Reboot Cup Set can be a perfect gift. So, if your loved one is a computer geek, then you must consider it to give him on this Christmas.

10. Gunnar Technology Eyewear:

Gunnar Technology Eyewear

People like designers and developers usually spend 3 quarters of their day working on computers which results in eye strain, eye fatigue and sometimes headache. So, instead of giving him new pair of glasses, you must get him Gunnar glasses. These glasses help reduce the stress that eyes take. Thus, it will help him to work longer and efficiently with less stress on eyes.