If you are running a website or a blog and want to make extra cash out of it, then chances are you must be using Google AdSense – the largest and most well-paying advertising network. You must be wondering by now, “Why would we consider an alternative to AdSense when we have such a dynamic platform available?

There could be number of reasons why someone would want to drop Google’s AdSense program and opt for some alternatives. For starters, you can’t be sure, even as a publisher, that Google won’t ban your account. If you search around, you’ll come across many cases where high-earning accounts got banned due to no particular reason. Moreover, it is quite difficult these days to get your AdSense account approved by Google’s team. Given that they have very strict policies with regards to this matter, unless you bring a high-quality blog or web to their desk, they won’t approve it no matter how hard you try.

(Well, you can’t blame them for their stringent rules, since they are trying their best to reduce spammy blogs or websites and make the search results more accurate and valuable)


Nonetheless, you can try out 8 alternatives that are as much popular as Google’s contextual advertising program, AdSense.



Chitika is a great contextual advertising tool that can be considered as an excellent alternative to the AdSense. The best part about chitika is that its minimum payout is $10 and they use paypal for transactions. Another great thing about this advertising network is that its advertisements are search-query driven, i.e., the ads are only displayed to the users if they have come to your site via a search query. Though its payment is low as compared to some other services but still you can surely earn a lot by getting paid on each click.

Tribal Fusion


It is another big name in the world of ads marketing. Though this service has some strict rules for approving websites or blogs, their payout is great since they offer CPM advertising. Unlike Chitika, Tribal Fusion pays the publishers through check or bankwire transfer. The minimum payout they offer is $100. The only downside of this service (to some publishers only) is that it only approves high-traffic websites or blogs. So, if you have a good flow of traffic on your site and you want to earn through CPM based advertisements then you should give it a try.



Unlike Google, Clicksor is quite lenient when it comes to approving the blogs for text advertisements. Another great thing about this service is that it offers a varied type of ads format such as CPM, CPC, etc. The distinguishing option ads option of Clicksor that you may want to try is its in-text ads, which are quite effective for content-sensitive sites or blogs. The minimum payout offered by Clicksor is $50.



It is a name that almost every savvy publisher knows well. BuySellAds offers the publishers pretty good monetization opportunities in that they link you up with direct advertisers. Moreover, the advertisements are sold on time basis. It is also imperative to know that getting them to approve your site is way tougher than any other services. They analyze the stats, domain age and even PR of your site for approval consideration. The minimum payout offered by this service is $50 which can be transferred through check or paypal.



If you are worried that your current in-text advertisement service isn’t performing well or producing the earning as it should be, then simply tear it away and employ Infolinks on your website. Infolinks highlights the target keywords of your content by double-underlining them. It also provides a total control over the volume of ads that you want to use. This way you can easily maintain the neat appearance of your content while earning extra income. It is an ideal Google Adsense alternative that can be used to monetize your blog to its maximum. The payout of Infolinks starts with $50 through Paypal money transfer system.



Kontera is a popular platform that has been around for decades, offering content-powered ads, i.e., in-text advertisements. The minimum payout of Kontera is $50 which can be transacted through PayPal, check or wire transfer. If you don’t want bulky ads take up the space of your site, then Kontera’s in-text ads model is the best option for you. They analyze the content of your site and turn niche-specific keywords into hyperlinked-texts ads.

Yahoo! Bing Ad Network (Media.net)


As the name suggest, media.net is the result of the collaboration of two biggest search engines – second to Google – Yahoo and Bing. However, this advertising network shouldn’t be mistaken for the official Adcenter of Microsoft and Yahoo’s YPN. Media.net is popular as an Adsense alternative mainly due to its payout, which is $100, and its efficient customer support. There are other more features that make it one of the best contextual advertising tools – you gotta’ try it yourself.



Skimlinks provide you with a fully automated way to capitalize on your content with their unique advertising models. The first type of model they offer is pretty simple and common, i.e., in-text links. This model skims your content and turn target keywords to affiliate links. The second type of model is unique to Skimlinks only. In this model, Skimlinks convert even the normal links to the affiliate links, although these links will appear simple to the visitors.

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