There is no second thought on the fact that videos are playing a vital role in marketing your brand in a better way. People like to view marketing videos instead of reading the boring and excessively explained marketing posts or content due to many reasons and biggest of them is watching and listening to the video is quite comfortable because it does not require much effort to do so.

Animated Promo Video For Business

On YouTube, the second biggest search engine after Google, you will find millions of marketing videos of business and most of them are animated. Why? It is because animated videos are more entertaining and eye-catching which makes it easier to grab attention of your targeted audience.

Listed below are some of the exceptional benefits that you can only get with an animated video promo.

1. Easiest Way To Explain Your Business:

The biggest benefit is that it is the easiest way to tell answer several questions they may have in their mind such as what is your business about, what services do you provide, how it works, etc. A single minute animated video at homepage of your official website is quite effective for marketing as comparing to the tedious text paragraphs explaining about your business.

2. Generate Leads For Free:

One of the many outstanding benefits of having a promotional animated video for your business is that you can generate leads through it. However, your video must be crafted in a manner which attracts users to contact your business. If it fails to do so, you would not be able to make the most of money and efforts you have spent on it.

3. Easier To Rank In Search Results:

Another great benefit that you can get with an animated promo video for your business is that it makes easier to standout in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). All you need to do is to create a promotional video of your business and upload it on YouTube, and you will see that it will be ranked in initial search result pages, shortly, due to the less competition in video marketing.

4. Get Additional Traffic:

Promotional video also helps in getting additional traffic from different resources. There are different video hosting or video publishing websites, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, etc, where you can sign-up, upload and publish promotional videos for free. These websites are densely populated with online audience. Therefore, the chances are that you can divert some additional traffic to your website from these sources which increases the chances of getting more sales or revenue.

5. Leaves Impact On Viewers Mind:

Why visuals are considered more effective than text in marketing is because it leaves impact on the viewers’ mind which is an important aspect of branding a business, especially for a new business. So, if you want to do branding, then you must seriously think about creating an animated video for your business promotion.


The above advantages are quite enough to show the potential of animated promotional video in digital marketing. So, if you are willing to implement or run a new marketing campaign for your business and want to make the most of it, then you must worth animated video a try and I am certain that you will find it useful.