Most of the bloggers are still unable to learn the art of increasing the ratio of returning visitors. There can be many reasons behind it but the most important of all is that there is lack of relationship between the blogger and visitors.

Some bloggers who are not making good amount out of their blog thinks that generating leads is the only important thing. However, it is not. Consider you have generated 100,000 leads but still you get 100 daily page views. Why? It is mainly due to the lack of relationship between you and your visitors.

Automatic Responder for Subscribers

Building a relationship with your visitors is quite important for making them your regular readers. And once the relationship is build between you and your visitors, list of few thousand subscribers would be enough to generate 6-figure income out of your blog.

There are various ways to build relationship with your subscribers. However, the most effective of all is quick responding between you and them. Responding thousands of subscribers on daily basis is obviously not easy. However, automatic email responder can help you build relationship with your subscribers easily.

What Is An Email AutoResponder?

As it names, an email autoresponder is a tool or software which is used to respond to email subscribers automatically. All you need to do is to set date, time and frequency. Means that you have to let this tool know when it has to send email and how frequently like twice a day, once a week, thrice a month, etc.

The three parameters mentioned above plays an important role in engaging your subscribers. If you want to make the most of this tool, you need to be smart at configuring above said parameters. Wrong date, time and frequency can increase the chances of your email to be ignored by your subscribers.

Also, the email you are forwarding to your leads worth reading. There should be something that entices your followers to read that email such as informative content written on the topic of their interest, some especial bonuses or offers, etc. In short, you have to make them feel special by giving them more value that they would have expected from you or anyone else.

Advantages Of Using AutoResponder:

Once you have build relationship with your audience, now you have a plenty of ways to earn 6-figure monthly income out of the same blog that were producing only few hundreds of dollars. Following are the two best ways that will help you understand how you can generate loads of dollar bills out of your blog after creating powerful relationship with your readers.

1. Advertisement:

The first and foremost thing that most of the bloggers are making money with is the advertisement. There are plenty of publishers that offer you to publish ads of their clients on your website and you will be paid for every single click on those ads by your visitors. So, if you are able to land few thousands of your subscribers to your blog daily, the chances are that you will earn hundreds of dollars on daily basis.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is yet another great tool for making the most of your leads. However, it requires a strong relationship between you and your subscribers which can be created by using an email autoresponder. You can compose video courses on the same niche on which you are running blog and sell them to your subscribers. However, whatever you are trying to sell to your leads should worth their money. Else, you will be left empty handed.