When it comes to sending hard copy of an important official document, there’s no other quick method of sending it then faxing it. Traditionally, a fax can only be sent and received using the traditional fax machine but with the innovation in technology, we are fortunate to have such smartphones through which we can directly send and receive fax on the go.

Recently, there are apps developed for iOS devices including iPhones and iPads through which a user can easily send and receive fax. So, you no more need to have or find a fax machine for sending documents as you can directly do it via your iOS devices.

Send and Receive Fax From iPhone and iPad

Although, the price of sending and receiving fax through these apps on your iOS devices is a bit high, but there’s no other option as convenient as getting the documents faxed directly onto your smart devices, especially the ones who are making business trips, every now and then.

Following are some of the great apps which allow you to send and receive document directly through your iPhone and/or iPad.

  1. eFax

eFax is an astounding iOS app through which an iPhone or iPad user can easily send and receive fax directly on his smartphone.  With this app, you cannot only send the already saved documents, but it also allows you to create fax through your mobile camera. Moreover, you can directly download the required files that you have received as email attachment or you have saved in the cloud storage such as DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

eFax App

Besides just sending the documents and pictures, you can also fax your contacts list via this app and also share the faxes through email in PDF formats. Whether you want to send, receive, create or share a fax, this app is loaded with all the required features.

  1. MaxEmail Fax

MaxEmail Fax is yet another great app for sending and receiving faxes directly on your phone without installing a fax machine device or phone line. MaxEmail Internet Fax & Voice Mail Service’s subscribers can now easily send fax using this app. The amazing feature about this app is that you cannot only send fax a saved document or by taking a picture of the document through camera, but you can also send the files that you have saved on your cloud storage including but not limited to DropBox and Google Drive.

MaxEmail Fax App

Different from other iOS fax apps, this app allows you to send and receive voice mails which you can listen on your MaxEmail number. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that this app is capable of doing anything you need to do with a traditional fax machine with you smartphone.

  1. Tiff Fax Viewer

The list cannot be completed unless Tiff Fax Viewer is in there. Tiff Fax Viewer is a robust fax app for iOS devices that allows you to send and receive fax anytime, anywhere. The best part of this app is that it only shows Fax images from the gallery which makes it easier to locate the desired file from hundreds of thousands of images you’ve saved in photo library.

TIFF Fax Viewer+

Not only you can download the files from the online storages such as DropBox, but you can also directly print a file or save converted Fax image into your cloud service. This app is capable of reading more than 50 different digital font faces. Therefore, you will not face any difficulty while scanning or sending a file through this app.

  1. JotNot Fax:

JotNot Fax is one of the cool iOS apps capable of sending fax through any compatible iOS device be it an iPhone or iPad. This app literally converts your iOS gadget into a portable fax machine through which you can fax anyone, anytime and anywhere in US and Canada. However, you will need credits in your app account to send a fax through this app. To get credits into your account, you will need to use In App Purchase option of iTunes.

JotNot Fax App

The app will calculate and notify you the credits your desired document fax will take –depending upon how many files you are willing to send. In case you are a busy guy who needs to fax documents every now and then, you can purchase the cost-effective credit packs by going into the settings of this app. This way, you will be able to send documents via fax at an affordable cost.

  1. iFax

iFax is an amazing app that offers free inbound fax service to its users living anywhere in US and Canada. With this app, you can send and receive email on any compatible iOS device including iPhone and iPad. If you haven’t document saved on your device, you can integrate it with cloud service such as Box or DropBox and can directly transfer the documents to the recipient without downloading.

iFax App

For sending PDF files or images, you can simply go to your media gallery and send items directly from there. Furthermore, you can customize app template to give it a professional look. The charges for sending the documents depend upon the number of documents and recipient destination.

  1. BoomFax

Last but not the least on the least of amazing fax apps for iPhone and iPad is BoomFax. It is really an interactive and feature-rich app that allows you send and receive fax directly on your iOS gadget. Different from other apps, this app is a bit secure for transferring important documents to the recipient as it does not store any copy of the documents that are being sent through this app.

BoomFax App

Futhermore, this app allows you to send important documents to your email or DropBox with PDF support sign feature. Besides just uploading documents on a cloud service, it allows you to directly save the received documents on it by syncing your cloud service with this app. In case there is an important document that needs your signature for authentication, you can use electronic sign feature to authenticate document. In short, it has many amazing features that would be hard to find in any other fax app.

Over To You

So, there you go. I listed the ones that I consider reliable and efficient. If you have some other names that you believe should have been included in the list, then you’re welcome to suggest them in the comments below.