Few weeks back, Nepal and East-North India struck with a massive earthquake having 7.5 magnitude resulting in loss of thousands of precious lives and massive destruction that transformed the cities into graveyards. However, an early alert regarding the earthquake would have helped people to save their and loved one’s life.

With the recent development in technology, especially in app development, it has become easier for the people to get early alerts of the disastrous elements such as earthquake, storms and catastrophes simply via installing the apps on their smartphone. Although these apps do not provide you a protection shield but these apps can help you save precious lives by transporting them to a safer place.

Earthquake Alert Apps

Given below is the list of apps that send early alert of earthquake to its user. Depending upon your needs and compatibility with your mobile phone, you can easily download any of the given apps and can do something to save yourself and others from being affected from earthquake.

1. Earthquake Alert:

Earthquake Alert

Downloaded by millions of users and suggested by thousands of users, Earthquake Alert is one of the best and finest apps for receiving early alerts regarding to the earthquake. This app receives the data from USGS (United States Geological Survey) which analyze the earthquakes around the world.

This intelligent app gives alerts to its users of the earthquakes having 1+ magnitude from the US and earthquakes having magnitude 4.5+ from all over the world. The best part of this app is that it does not only allow you to get updates but also allows you to report an earthquake to USGS –in case you felt but did not notified by the app earlier.

2. Earthquake -American Red Cross:

Earthquake American Red Cross

Another intelligent app to get notified when the earthquake just hit the region you live in is Earthquake by American Red Cross. This app is beneficial and must have for the people who are living on fault lines. Not only it notifies the Android users regarding the earthquake but also help them survive through it with the tips and survival guidelines that come with the app.

Therefore, with this app, you can get to know what you have to do before, during and after an earthquake. The best part of this app is that it does not require data connectivity to help you survive through earthquake as the survival guidelines are pre-installed in it.

3. Earthquake Alerts Tracker:

Earthquake Alert Tracker

Earthquake Alerts Tracker is yet another great app for Android users to get earthquake alerts on their mobile phone which can help them save precious human lives. It allows the users to track when an earthquake occurs around the world.

However, it will only notify you about the earthquakes that lie under your customized settings including the frequency, magnitude and time you have chosen. The app comes with three Holo themes and user can set any of them depending upon his desire.

4. Earthquakes:


Earthquakes is also an amazing app that helps user prevent major damages that are likely to happen due to earthquake by notifying them about the latest earthquakes around the world. This app collects data from 17 different geological sources including USGS, BGS, JMA, CWB and others.

After collecting the data from all these reliable geological sources, it generates and send alert to its user so that they can get to know whether they need to take precautionary measures or not by analyzing the affected region by the latest earthquake. Therefore, with this app, you can easily have an eye on the earth and quake movement around the world.

5. Latest Quakes:

Latest Earthquakes

As it names, Latest Quakes is an app gives information regarding the latest earthquakes to its users. Not only it notifies about the quakes, but it also provides an in-depth overview of the geographical location of that particular region and gives detailed geological information and reasons causing the quakes. With this app, you can easily get to know various details regarding the quake including the date, time, magnitude, frequency, location, depth and distance.

Furthermore, it comes with the social sharing and emailing option that makes it easier for you to inform your social circle and loved ones regarding the latest quakes. At this point, this app does not support notification and alert feature but these options are likely to get integrated in the coming version.

6. Earthquake Notifier:

Earthquake Notifier

Last but not the least on our list of earthquake alert and notifying apps is Earthquake Notifier. This app comes with an interactive yet easy interface that allows user to easily track the latest earthquake around the world.

You can customize notifications by setting your desired parameters and you will be only notified when about such earthquakes that comes under those parameters. With this app, you can have information regarding different parameters of the earthquake including but not limited to time, depth, distance and magnitude.