Keywords are the important components that instigate the implementation of search engine optimization. It is the main core that determines how you’ll end up with your SEO campaign. Opting for the best keyword can signify astounding results like high-volume of target-traffic, dozens of click-throughs and optimal sales. Conversely, a bad keyword selection could result in low traffic, poor click-throughs and poor sales.

While starting off an SEO campaign, one question crosses everyone’s mind, how do we pick out optimum keywords? There is where keyword research tools come into picture. These tools allow us to search industry-specific keywords and see which ones are competitive and have high search volume.


In this article, we’ll review some popular research tools for the sake of understanding the purpose and working of each tool to determine the most suitable one for our needs.

Free Keyword Research Tools


Powered by flask, Ubersuggest is a free yet powerful keyword suggestion tool that extracts potential keywords from the gigantic index of Google Suggests. As compared to other commonly used keyword tools, Ubersuggest always recommends natural and popular keywords that have high search volume.

The best part is that it expedites your search process by suggesting you the right combinations with your provided keyword. For instance if you search “burgundy wine”, it’ll show you suggestions with “burgundy wine +a” like “burgundy wine auction”.


•    User Friendly
•    Free
•    Extract keywords from web, images, news, videos, etc.
•    Auto keyword combination
•    Easy to copy and paste the result
•    Show categorized results

Google Adwords Tool


Google is the grand-daddy of all search engines with search market share of 67%. Google enjoys millions of daily searches, which indicates that it is used by billions of people all over the word. Fortunately, they offer an impressive keyword suggestion tool called Google adwords keyword research tool. Though this tool is mostly used for PPC keywords, but majority of webmasters use it to check the global or monthly search index of specific keywords or phrases. The most significant feat of this tool is that it shows search trends extracted from 12 months of index.


•    Automatic page analysis for keyword recommendation
•    Display 12 months of search trends
•    Easy to use
•    Results are always 100% accurate
•    Shows competitive and easy keywords
•    Shows both global, monthly and local searches
•    Displays estimated costs
•    Display potentially negative keywords
•    Exportable to XLS spreadsheet

Google Trends


It is yet another free tool from the King of all search engines, Google. This awe-inspiring tool provides the users a collection of high-quality keywords that relate to the provided search query. The best thing about Google trend is that it doesn’t only show an elaborated graph of the provided keyword but also displays the country or regions where the keywords are popular. This awesome tool can show multiple results simultaneously, i.e. search different queries by using comas.


•    Comes with an additional integration of Youtube search trends
•    Displays the changing trends of the current and past years
•    Allow comparison of multiple keywords
•    Show hot searches or keywords from the past 24hours
•    Display rising searches
•    Show results region-wise



WordPot is another awesome keyword research tool that can get you a considerable list of some powerful or potential keywords in your industry. Though the access to some features is quite limited, not to mention you can get only 25 searches for any specific keyword, still you can easily get a good overview of your keywords.


•    Shows 25 searches/day for free users
•    Displays related word matches
•    Displays associated word matches
•    Displays definition of the keyword
•    User-friendly interface
•    Keyword density tool integrated
•    Results can be exported and imported

Long Tail Keywords Research Tools

Keyword Discovery Tool


Provided by Trellian, keyword discovery tool is one of the most impressive tools out there with a comprehensive index that is compiled by the data from all the major search engines. In other words, through this astounding tool you can tap into the database of 32 Billion searches in real-time and pick out the potential ones for your business.


•    Search frequency of specific keywords or phrases
•    Niche-specific keywords
•    Keyword Effectiveness Indicator Analysis
•    Seasonal keywords trend tool
•    Keyword density analysis
•    Cross reference tool


•    Free – Limited features and searches
•    Standard – $69.95/month or $599.40/year
•    Professional – $199.95/month or 1895.00/year

Long Tail Pro


Long tail pro is developed by the creator of NichePursuit, Spencer Haws. As the name implies, this tool is best for searching top-quality long tail keywords. It is quite a time-saving tool that allows you to search multiple keywords at once; surely you can’t find this amazing feature in many other tools available out there. The top feat of this keyword suggestion tool is that it comes with a competitor analysis tool that empowers you to check the competition of your desired keyword.


•    Rank checker tool
•    Competitor analysis tool
•    Multiple keyword seeding
•    Filter the result category wise
•    Domain availability checker
•    800 results per search
•    Title competition
•    Calculate keyword competitiveness


•    Free – 10 days Trial
•    Pro + Platinum – $97+$17/month
•    Long Tail Pro – $97

WordStream Free Keyword Tool


It is one of the most awesome tools with lots of testimonials from popular firms like SEO Book, Search Engine Land, SEO Journal, Search Engine Watch, etc. According to some reviews, it is claimed that this efficient keyword tool is way faster than even Google keyword tool. You can search top-quality keywords from a gigantic database that contains Trillion keyword suggestions. It also generates related keyword suggestions along with other results.


•    Fast searching
•    Related keyword suggestions
•    Results can be emailed
•    Contains Trillions of Keyword suggestions
•    Displays WS and Google search volume
•    Shows relative frequency and competition


•    Free – 30 searches/ day
•    Standard – $349/month
•    Annual – $299/month

We hope this brief write-up will allow you to choose the best keyword tool for your website. If we’re missing any important keyword tool, then do suggest it below…