Trello is an amazing tool that has almost every feature that one needs to organize different projects easily. It creates a board on which you and your group members can place the sticky notes of what have been done, who is working on what and where something is under process.

Every member of your group will be displayed with the same board and all can make changes or edit it in real-time, simultaneously. Whenever someone makes some changes on the board, every member will be notified about the change which keeps you up-to-date regarding different tasks of project.

Top Trello Alternatives

There is no doubt at all that Trello has been widely used as a collaboration tool due to its cool features and handy functions. However, it still does not have some important features that are required for handling projects easily.

This is the reason why people are willing to find another collaboration tool through which they can organize their projects without any hassle. In case you are one of the Trello users who do not want to use it anymore and looking for other reliable alternative, then this is your destination.

I have handpicked some of the very best, feature-rich and reliable collaboration tools, apps and software that can be used as a permanent replacement to Trello. Check them out and pick up the one that best fits your needs.

1. Brightpod:


One of the highly renowned tools that have been commonly adapted by the Trello users is Brightpod. The reason behind being the foremost alternate to Trello is its easy-to-use cool features that you will not find in any other collaboration tool. It does not only help you manage your projects easily, but also assist you in planning campaigns faster, saving your time and reducing your work load. Furthermore, it provides you detailed insights of your project making sure that you have not missed anything important and you can also add priority list of tasks so that your group mates can get to know which task they need to get done on immediate basis.

2. Breeze:

Breeze is another most widely used collaboration tool that provides you with some unique management features budgeting, reporting, time tracking, CSV data export, Dropbox and Google Drive integration and many more. Along with the above highlighted features, there is no limitation on users, projects, task lists and file storage. Other software are overloaded with features that has nothing to do with the project management but Breeze is packed with everything that you need to organize your project efficiently.

3. Pivotal Tracker:

Pivotal Tracker

If you are looking for an agile project management tool, then you must have a look at Pivotal Tracker. Specifically meant to cater needs of agile project management for software teams, this awesome collaboration tool has been most commonly used for organizing projects in an easier way. You can add as many projects, members and tasks lists you want because there is no limitation on how many users or projects you want to add and manage through a single user account.

4. Bitrix24:


Another feature-rich yet free alternative to Trello is Bitrix24. It is an amazing tool that comes with a set of handy features required for effective project management such as doc management, HR tools, video calling, file synchronization, workflow, server addition and much more. However, you can only add up to 12 users in the basic or free version. In case you want to add more, you will need to upgrade to premium version. Once upgraded to premium version, you can add as many users as you want.

5. Wunderlist:


Wunderlist is one of the most basic yet easy-to-use tools that help you manage any or everything you want to manage be it a things-to-do list, watch or wish list, planning vacation or managing project. It allows you to share the lists with other users or your group members. In those lists, you can assign which task need to get done by whom. In this way, you do not need to specify every group member individually about the division of tasks.

6. Blossom:


If you are looking for a tool that does not only have the basic set of tools required for project management but also keeps on integrating newest tools to make your workflow smoother, then I would suggest you to have a look at Blossom. It is a rare project management tool that provides its users with the services like HipChat, Slack, Flowdock and GitHub. Furthermore, it keeps on adding various helpful services to provide a better workflow and to make it easier for the user to manage all tasks. Unlike other project organizing tools, it allows you to keep things flow at your desired pace and have an overview about your work pipeline anytime you want.