OpenCart is a renowned, open source online shopping cart system based on PHP. Individuals who are willing to establish online business can use it to build an online shop easily. There are various features which makes this platform better than other shopping cart system such as 20+ payment modes, 8+ shipping methods, automatic image resizing, unlimited products & categories, etc.

Although, this shopping cart is equipped with so many features, there are still some users who are facing hard time in running their online business with it because of some things that are hard to tackle by an average computer user such as code repetition, complex database, weak security, etc.

open cart alternatives

In case you are one of the online shop owners who are having problem in using it, do not worry. It is because OpenCart is not the only feature-rich cart system available on the board and there is a long list of cart systems that you can use to establish and run online business easily.

In order to make the decision easier for you, I have researched and picked up some of the very best cart systems that you can use to build and run online business smoothly. Given below is the list of the alternatives to OpenCart.

1. Prestashop:


Prestashop is one of the most reliable and feature-rich ecommerce software available for free. Its popularity in the ecommerce field can be estimated by the number of online stores that are hosted on it which is more than 200,000. Such huge number of online business being hosted also exhibits that it really has some cool features which compel the online business owners to host their business on it. Along with more than 300 features, it also provides the user with overall software making it easier for the business owners to increase their sale.

2. WooCommerce:


In case you are already running a simple WordPress (WP) website and want to sale products through it, then you will need to transform into a professional ecommerce store which can be easily done through WooCommerce. With WooCommerce, you do not have to add anything manually as it integrates everything on its own including the widgets, theme, shopping cart, and shipping and inventory management tools which are required to build and run a successful online store.

3. Magento:


Magento is yet another great ecommerce software platform that can be used to create an online store easily. It has a wide range of options and features that are required to establish a successful online shop. It gives the complete control of ecommerce store to the user which makes it easier for him to customize the design, navigation and display of the products. It allows the online shop owners to add multiple options for payments and shipping. Furthermore, you can easily add as many images, products, categories and filters as you want.

4. osCommerce:


osCommerce is yet another popular Content Management System (CMS) that can be used as an alternate to OpenCart. Users can either create and host their online store through its website or can download it on their server directly and run their ecommerce website from there. It can be easily installed and used by an average computer user as it does not require the user to be aware of computer technicalities. With a wide range of built-in widgets, one can easily enhance the functionality of his online shop and customize it according to his needs. Moreover, it has a quite big community of users from where you can easily get help to fix the issues that are hard to get done on your own.

5. Zen Cart:

Zen Cart

One of the renowned cart systems that have been widely used by thousands of users for setting up their online store is Zen Cart. It is basically an ecommerce script comprised of PHP and MySQL which allows the users to develop an online shop very quickly. You can set different payment modes, languages, pricing and other features to give your ecommerce store a customized look and feel. Since the script is open source, users having a little bit knowledge of the aforementioned languages can easily make changes and improve the site behavior and navigation.

6. JumpSeller:


The simplest among all alternatives to OpenCart is JumpSeller. It is quite easy for anyone to build an online store with Jumpseller. All you need to do is to set payment modes, shipping options and costs, and upload your product list and you are ready to go. In order to give it a customized look, you can change the default design of your online shop and can host it on your desired domain name. Furthermore, it allows you to add digital products, global tax and currencies, multiple languages, custom emails and custom fields.

Bottom Line:

The given above list is comprised of some of the reliable yet easy-to-use ecommerce software, scripts and platforms to build and run an online store smoothly. In case you know any other reliable alternative to OpenCart which is not added in this list, you can suggest us through comments and we will add it in our post after reviewing your suggestion carefully.