Silverlight, by Microsoft, is a great development platform for developing media-rich apps that can be operated on Web, Desktop and Smart gadgets. Besides just-for-fun apps, Silverlight is highly being used for developing feature-rich, interactive business apps. Its latest version can also be used to develop and create responsive web and mob applications.

It is a free plugin running on .NET framework compatible over different operating systems, browsers and devices. Silverlight offers offline and online apps for a broad range of customer and business conditions with support for HD videos, built-in content protection, multithreading and advanced data integration.


Although Silverlight is compatible for most of the scenarios and have many features that you may require for developing media rich apps, but it is not perfect for all scenarios. This is the reason why people need to look for its reliable alternative.

Following is the list of some of the reliable alternatives of Silverlight with their specifications. All you need to do is to choose the one which is most suitable for you according to your needs and wants. Scroll down to have a look at the alternatives to Silverlight.

  1. Adobe Flash Player:

Flash Player by Adobe, previously developed and owned by Macromedia, is the most reliable and suitable alternative to Silverlight. There are many things that make it most compatible on multiple devices, browsers and operating systems. It is one of the mostly used software for viewing multimedia, rich internet content and streaming. Also, you can view these files on your smartphones that support it such as iPhone, Windows Phone, Android devices, etc.

Flash Player Alternatives

One more thing that has increased its users is that almost all the games that you will find online are usually created on flash. Thus you will ultimately going to need a flash player installed on your device to play those games similar to the ones that you may have seen on Miniclip and other online gaming website. And it is not only about the games, there are many Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) and animations that we commonly see on internet runs on flash along with java applets.

  1. Adobe Shockwave Player:

Adobe Shockwave Player is yet another reliable alternative to Silverlight that has been installed by more than 450 million Mac and Windows operating system users all over the world. Users who have installed Adobe Shockwave Player on their internet-enabled desktops have now some of the best that Web offers in their reach.

Adobe Shockwave Player Alternatives

Such users can now enjoy interactive 3D games, online learning apps, interactive product demonstrations and other media-rich, entertainment content. With Shockwave Player, users can easily view the web content that has been created by Adobe Director.

  1. Unity Web Player:

Unity Web Player, available for Windows and Mac OS X, is one of the most powerful software that users can start using to replace Silverlight. Along with playing online games and enjoying HD video streaming, it also gives you the power of developing 3D games with animated characters and mesmerizing graphics.

Unity Web Player Alternatives

All these features make it a strong alternative that has most of the features that Silverlight users are looking for in any other tool. So, if you are looking for really an amazing alternative to Silverlight, then you must give this tool a try and you will found it reliable.

  1. Moonlight:

If you are looking for a robust tool that can fulfill your needs for Unix systems, then here is what you are exactly searching for, Moonlight. It is an amazing, open source implementation of Sliverlight that is capable of delivering all media-rich functions and features which you may want to use in Unix systems. Using this tool makes it easier for you to access apps, videos and other media-rich content developed for Silverlight on Linux systems.

Moonlight Alternatives

These are some of the highlighted functionalities of this amazing alternative and it has much more than the aforementioned features for its users. To reveal all its amazing features and to have hands-on experience of this tool, you will need to download it on your Unix system and enjoy using it hassle-freely for accessing your desired media-rich content and applications, online or offline.

  1. Jabaco:

Last but not the least on the list of amazing alternatives to Microsoft Silverlight is Jabaco. Having Visual Basic like syntax, Jobaco allows you to create and run media-rich apps and powerful software for operating systems that support Java. It has an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports code highlighting, auto-completion, a GUI editor and object browsing.

Jabaco Alternatives


Moreover, it supports other modern IDE-stuff that you may need to complete your tasks. So, if you are facing developing, running or implementing anything through Silverlight on Java supported operating systems, then you must give this tool a try and it will surely going to fulfill your needs.


All of the aforementioned alternatives are good for replacing Microsoft Silverlight. However, some of them can only be used for specific cases such as Jobaco for Java supported operating systems and Moonlight for Unix and Linux operating systems. Therefore, you should be wise enough to pick up the right alternative depending upon the complications you are facing in operating Silverlight under specific conditions. Else, all your efforts will simply be wasted and you would not be able to find out a reliable or effective alternative to Silverlight that can help you resolve the problem.