Majestic is really an amazing SEO toolkit that helps website optimizer analyze various aspects of a website from backlinks to search history. In this way, it makes it easier for optimizers to plan an effective strategy easily and leave his client’s competitors behind.

However, due to some issues with this SEO suite, web optimizers are now switching to other SEO toolkits for more effective results. In case you are one of the Majestic users who is searching for a reliable alternative, then you have landed on the very right page.

Majestic  SEO Alternatives

Following are some of the reliable toolkits that one can use to analyze different SEO parameters of a website easily.

1. Open Site Explorer:

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer, by MOZ, is a renowned toolkit which is widely used by SEO professionals due to its easy interface and effective results. Besides being good at digging out do-follow, no-follow backlinks of a web it is able to fetch root domains as well giving an indepth overview of the web. In this way, devising an effective strategy to take the web on top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) becomes easier for optimizers. Another distinguished feature of this amazing SEO suit is that it updates after every hour with the data of last 60 days which means that you will be given with the fresh results every time. In this way, you can make changes to your strategy more often to get your desired results achieved soon.

2. BrightEdge:

BrightEdge SEO Platform

SEO platform offered by BrightEdge is really helpful for SEO professionals to determine different aspects of the web optimization. By using this intelligently designed SEO platform, you can easily look into the different parameters that take the web on top of SERP including the social signals, backlinks, content performance marketing and much more. Furthermore, its Local SEO Management option makes it easier for small sized local business owners to bring their business on top among local searches. Besides having aforementioned features, there is one more thing which gives it edge over other toolkits is to be the first to release Mobile SEO technology. Therefore, you can now easily increase the flow of visitors to your web from mobile and other gadgets as well.

3. Ahrefs:


Ahrefs is yet another reliable SEO auditing toolkit which claims to be the largest index of live backlinks. Ahrefs provides its users with different tools under the two main options including Site Explorer and Content Explorer. Site Explorer can be used by SEO strategists to have an in-depth overview of the website including the incoming searches, backlinks, internal links, keyword analyzer, etc. Whereas, using Content Explorer helps the user to determine the social signals of a particular page of website depending upon the number of +1, shares, likes and tweets. Using both options of this amazing tool will make it easier for you to drive targeted visitors on your web.

4. RavenTools:

RavenTools SEO tools

RavenTools is also an amazing toolkit that offers a wide range of tools to determine different aspects of a website including social signals, content performance, ad-campaigns and SEO. With the SEO toolkit of RavenTools, you do not need to do site audit manually as it can do everything on its own and gives you report, comprised of 20+ key metrics, in the end. The report generated by this tool makes it easier for the SEO professionals to provide their clients with the authorized data. In this way, you do not need to reassure them that your report and search engine report about your website is the same thing. In short, the in-depth research of this tool will help you devise effective SEO strategy for your client’s website easily.

5. Monsido:


Monsido is also an effective, feature-rich SEO suite which is assisting webmasters in handling various tasks easily. With this toolkit, a webmaster can easily monitor performance and combine different metrics into a report and send it to client to show the progress of his website. SEO specialists can do content search, find dead links and dead images and identify SEO errors which are limiting the web ranking. The intuitive dashboard makes it easier for the webmaster to determine all these aspects in a single glance and fix website errors more quickly.

6. SEMrush Site Audit:

SEMrush SEO Audit Tools

Site Audit, by SEMrush, is another great tool to have an in-depth performance overview of a website. It helps SEO strategists to analyze different important parameters including the keyword research, backlinks, and organic research and monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaign. All you need to do is to start campaign, go through wizard (set your desired variables), view and fix issues. After fixing SEO errors, you can rerun audit to see how well your improvements have been implemented and to see the decreased number of issues as compared to your first audit.