If you will start composing list of top Content Management Systems (CMS), it will not be completed without Joomla. It is an amazing CMS that is most widely used for building websites and online applications. There are many aspects such as extensibility and ease-of-use have made it popular among the users.

There is no doubt that it has a long list of features and options that can suffice many users. However, it mainly depends on the project they are willing to build and run on a particular CMS. In some cases, Joomla is not found useful because of some missing features.

Joomla Alternatives

In case you are having the same problem with Joomla, do not worry. There are many other renowned CMSs available on the board which has much more to offer than that of Joomla. Following is the list of some handpicked CMSs that can be used as alternatives to Joomla.

1. WordPress:

WordPress WP

One of the most widely used CMS for building website and publishing it online is WordPress (WP). WP is a state-of-the-art CMS system that works on the updated web standards. Talking about it features, it would be hard to say that it is missing any important feature that you may need for managing published website online. There are plugins and widgets in WP that one can easily integrate in his website to make its management easier. With such a wide range of options and features, it still costs nothing to user. Just download it and start using it for free.

2. GetSimple:


Another amazing CMS that can be used as an alternative to Joomla is GetSimple. It is an XML based CMS having an extremely simple interface. It has such features and options that can easily meet the needs of an individual as well as of an organization. All you need to download it and start managing your website through it.

3. Concrete5:


Concrete5 is one of the most amazing content management systems because of the options it provides to the user. Mostly, the CMS caters the need of specific users such as developers or site owners. This is the reason why users need to switch from one CMS to another depending upon their project. However, with Concrete5, you do not need to switch anymore.

It is able to cater and fulfill the needs of both developers and site owners. In case you have to develop applications online and manage websites as well, then this CMS is nothing less than a blessing for you as you can now operate both types of projects with a single CMS.

4. ImpressPages:


In case you are looking for an alternative to Joomla because of less customization option to run a website successfully, then you must have a look at ImpressPages. This CMS is really a great web management tool that allows you such customization options that are hard to find in any other web CMS.

In most of the CMS, you can download and install the plugin. However in this CMS, one can write plugin and integrate it in website. Not only the website layout is simple, but the admin panel interface is also user-freinldy which will help you organize website easily.

5. Contao:


Formerly known as TYPOlight, Contao is also a top-end, open-source content management system which is used for generating accessible websites. The websites published through this CMS are built on web 2.0 technique. It has a various options and features that make the website development and management easier.

6. Drupal:


Drupal is yet another great CMS that can be used as an alternate to Joomla. It is an open-source CMS which is developed and maintained by a huge community comprised of thousands of users and developers. With this software, one can easily publish, organize and manage a wide range of content on a website.

Furthermore, the features such as file uploads & downloads, podcasting, newsletter, peer-to-peer networking and picture galleries make it able to support the development and publication of a wide range of websites including discussion sites, social networking sites, ecommerce applications, personal web or blogs, corporate websites and others. In short, if you can run and manage an open-source CMS, then there is no better CMS than Drupal.

7. ProcessWire:


Last but not the least on our list is ProcessWire. It is also an open-source CMS that has been loved by users due to its simple interface and the ease it provides in editing websites. One of the many features due to which developers and designers love to build website on it is that it is API-driven which keeps the development in their control and fun at the same time.


There are hundreds of content management systems available online and aforementioned are handpicked ones that can be easily used to replace Joomla. In case you find any other effective alternative to Joomla, you can suggest us via comments and we will add that in our post if found reliable.