Internet Explorer (IE) is one of the oldest web browsers that comes preinstalled in Windows Operating System. As compared to what it was in its initial stage, Microsoft has improved it in many ways and integrated such features that makes it easier for the users to browser things over internet, save pages, bookmark favorite website, auto-fill form options and a lot more. Besides these default functions, a user can integrate many more features by adding their desired add-ons.

However, it still has many security issues which make it highly vulnerable to phishing attacks. This is the reason why most of the users who prefer and love to use Internet Explorer are left with no other option than switching to a different browser.

Internet Explorer Alternatives

There are tons of web browsers available online but not every browser is good enough to replace IE. To make the search easier for you, I have handpicked some of the best web browsers that can easily replace IE.

Just scroll down, read the description of the given browsers and pick the one that suits you best.

  1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely used web browser due to its distinguished features. It offers high downloading speed and presents all downloading material in a very nice way which makes it easier for the user to locate the desired downloaded file directly from the browser. Also, it comes with its own memory which it uses for saving the number of tabs opened when the browser was crashed or computer was turned off directly.

Mozilla Firefox

This way, whenever you will open the browser next time after crashing, you don’t have to go to History to find out what tabs were opened and it will automatically restore the session. Different from IE, Firefox is packed with advanced security measures that protect your computer from malware, spyware and other security threats. Moreover, it has the widest range of add-ons which you can integrate to get different notifications in one place.

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is yet another amazing web browser that is known for quick processing due to its lightweight. The best feature about this browser is that each of its tabs has its own individual processing. Therefore, when a tab crashes, it does not crash the entire processing of the Chrome and you can work on other opened tabs and wait for it to get recovered.

Google Chrome Alternatives

It has a separate private browsing window with the name Incognito which allows you to browse privately, at the same time you are browsing in regular window, without leaving your trace in the history of the browser. Similar to IE, it also has some very interesting add-ons that you can integrate in it to get additional functionalities. Moreover, you can sign-in with your Google Id and add your favorite games in your browser which you can play directly via your browser without installing it on your computer.

  1. Opera

You would be amazed to know that Opera’s desktop version is considered to be the highly secure web browser against malware and phishing attacks because it is not commonly used in the online world. This statement is backed by the fact that malware and phishing attacks are usually directed on the famous and most widely used web browsers to get the most out of such attacks.

Opera Web Browser

Where other browsers come with private browsing mode, it comes with ‘Turbo Mode’ to help users load websites quickly on poor internet connections by compressing the image files. With the option to manually turn on and off, this mode also has an auto-detect function which automatically turns this mode on when the user faces internet speed problem. Moreover, this browser has customization options that allow user to move tabs to any position they want like on top, at the bottom or to the side.

  1. Safari

Safari, the very own browser of Apple, comes preinstalled in Mac similar to IE in Windows. However, it can be downloaded and installed on Windows as well. According to a claim made by Apple on its official website, Safari is faster than Chrome and Firefox. However, it is not specified whether it only performs better on Mac or on other operating systems as well.

Safari Web Browser

Talking about security, it is one of the most secure web browsers that come with advanced security measures preventing malware attacks and phishing. It has third-party cookie blocking option that prevent third-party websites to track where you go on the web. It also protects you from malware harboring and fraudulent websites by not loading them. Moreover, it sends warning to user try not to load particular website due to such reasons.

  1. Camino

Last but not the least on our list of alternatives to IE is Camino. Most of the users who want to replace IE with Firefox on Mac, due to its distinguished features, are seen complaining that it does not perform well on Mac. To fill the gap, the former developers of Firefox, Chrome and Safari have developed this amazing web browser with the aim to provide functionalities like Firefox in Mac style.

Camino Web Browser

Camino offers almost the same features and functionalities on Mac as Firefox do on Windows. So, the users who want to replace their IE with Firefox on Mac can install Camino to enjoy the power of Mozilla in Mac style.