One of the hectic parts of our daily routine is managing the calls coming on different numbers including mobile, home and work phone. However, now a user can easily manage all his numbers through a single device using Google Voice (GV).

With GV, your children and wife will not be disturbed if someone from your work contacts gives a call on your home phone as its smart call forwarding feature will recognize the number and forward it to your work or mobile number.

Alternatives To Google Voice

Similarly, you can decide which calls you want to receive on which numbers depending upon the time. In case you do not want to miss any important call from work contacts after 5 PM, you can simply set the timer and it will redirect the calls to your other number after the provided time.

Besides aforementioned options, there are other cool telecommunication features that one can easily avail using GV for free. However, due to some limitations and restrictions such as the need of invitation to sign-up, people are now willing to switch to another similar app which can handle their calls coming on multiple numbers easily.

In case you are one of the GV users who are searching for an alternative to it, then your search ends here. Given below is the list of some reliable yet effective alternatives. Just scroll down and pick the one that best fits your needs.

1. Phonebooth Free:


Phonebooth Free is great similar software to GV that can fulfill the needs of businesses as well as of individuals who are looking for intelligent auto-attendant and extensions. Besides businesses, it has a lot to offer to individuals including 50 voicemail transcriptions per month, 200 free minutes for local telephone numbers and smart call routing. Once you have maxed the given free minutes, it will cost you just 3 cents/minute to local numbers. In case the given above perks are not enough for you, you can subscribe to its premium version which will cost you just $20 per month with 2 phone numbers, unlimited minutes and transcriptions.

2. Line2:


As it names, Line2 is also an alternative to GV for someone who is looking for a second line. It is a cloud phone that enables user to let talk and text on mobile devices with the simplicity of an app. It comes with powerful and simple pricing plan. $9.95 per month plan gives you unlimited texting, a phone number, 5000 outbound minutes per month, call forwarding, screening, group calling and cheap international calling rates. In order to avail other cool features, along with the aforementioned ones, such as add/remove multiple lines, toll-free number with texting, auto-attendant and after hours call handling, you will need to subscribe to $14.95 per month plan.

3. RingCentral:


RingCentral is yet another great alternative which is known for handling the calls on multiple numbers intelligently. Besides being reliable, it is quite easy to set up and manage calls via this software. With this service, you can eliminate on-premise telephone devices from multiple locations and manage all of those numbers through a single office. It can be integrated with Box, Google, Outlook, Zendesk, Salesforce and others making it easier for you to sync all important contacts on a single device. Furthermore, the app is available for both desktop and mobile (iOS and Android). User can unlock all its features for just $24.99 per month.

4. MightyCall:


MightyCall is yet another renowned virtual phone service that GV users can easily go with. The reason why it can be more suitable than any other virtual phone service mentioned in this list is that it offers almost the same features as of GV. With this service, users can easily divert calls from any telephony device to their virtual MightyCall number which makes it easier for professionals to not miss any important call while on-the-go. Along with a personal number, brands can also sign-up for a virtual toll-free number to have their presence worldwide. It has apps for iOS and Android users which they can integrate with their number and manage their contacts easily. You will need to pay $11.99 per month to avail these facilities.

5. EVoice:


Last but not the least on our list of reliable alternatives to GV is EVoice. Talking about its functionality, EVoice works similar to GV providing the users with a virtual number to route the incoming calls where they want, when they want, depending upon the call routing and diverting rules created by them. Furthermore, brands can set customized greeting for specific customers and vendors to warmly welcome them in a more appropriate way. All in all, it provides you with every single option that was previously only possible with an expensive PBX phone system. The pricing plan starts from $12.99 per month which is quite reasonable amount for such cool call-management features.