Play Store, by Google, is undoubtedly an unparallel platform to download applications for Android devices. The reason why people know and mostly use it for downloading applications on their android devices from it is because it is the first and virus-free platform. However, it is not the only one from where you can download Android applications.

Google Play Alternatives

There are plenty of other platforms from where you can install applications on your device. Following is the list of few renowned and best alternative platforms that you can use instead of Google Play Store to download and install cool applications on your device easily.

1. AndroidPit:


If you are looking for a platform from where you can download quality apps, then here it is. AndroidPit is renowned in the alternatives list because of hosting only quality apps. Along with the quality, the platform makes sure to provide a safe and secure download and do not let the developers upload their app unless it passes through the security check to ensure that the end-user device will remain sane.

2. 1Mobile Market:

1Mobile Market

Usually, it is seen that users face difficulty in searching the games on their android devices via Play Store because there are very few. Dissimilar to Play Store, 1Mobile Market has the biggest collection of game and other apps. There are more than 800,000 apps offered on this platform from which you can easily find the ones that you were unable to get on any other android app store. Due to such large number of apps hosted in it, you may find some useless apps. However, most of the apps are of quality and does not contain any malware. So, you can easily download apps from this platform without worrying about the viruses.

3. F-Droid:


Mostly, the app worlds available on the board contain both free and premium apps and hardly offers and open source software which does not make difference to an average user. However, there are some users who know the difference and importance of open source apps. So, if you are one of those geeks who are willing to install open source application software on their android device, they must check F-Droid out. It is really an amazing platform which only contains FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) applications. Therefore, any app you will search and find on this platform will surely be free and open source.

4. Amazon Store for Android:

Amazon Appstore for Android

These days when online shopping trend is on its peak, it would be hard to find someone who shops online and does not know Amazon. Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces that offer almost everything that one needs be it appliances, books, accessories, clothing, etc. The great news is that now Amazon has also started hosting apps for android users. Although, it does not have that much apps as of Play Store, but there are some premium apps on this platform which you may not be able to find on any other alternative or even on Google Play Store. Therefore, you must have a look at it.

5. AppsZoom:


Searching your desired app from thousands app is a hectic task. Not only it takes time, but also increases the chance of missing the app he was looking for. However, with AppsZoom, you do not need to worry about it. Its homepage is created in a way that gives you brief overview of overall apps hosted on it which makes it easier to find the app. Along with it, the description and user reviews about the apps are also given under the app. In case, you do not know about the app or its credibility, you can go through the reviews before downloading it.

6. Apps:


As it names, this platform is all about apps. It has one of the largest database having millions of apps hosted on it. All of the apps hosted on it are safe and secure and does not contain any malware that can harm your device. Here, you would find some really cool android apps that you have not seen on any other platform. So, if you do not want to miss any cool app, then you must have a look at it.

7. AppBrain:


AppBrain is yet another great platform for finding the coolest and latest android applications. Sometimes, the app we wish to download and install on our device is too large and, therefore, we want to know which part of our device the app will access but unable to know as there is no information about it. However, any app you will download from the AppBrain will be given with the information about which part of your device it will access which makes it easier for the users to find the root level of app on their device.

8. SlideMe:


SlideMe is undoubtedly the best platform for downloading the android apps for a layman who does not know how to search and find his desired app on a complex android app store. It really has the easiest user interface with some outstanding features that gives it edge over other alternatives. With the easiest design, it makes app searching a lot easier by highlighting the apps that are trending at the moment.