Finding new places and the accurate route to reach there was never easier before the Map apps. However, with the apps like Google Maps, one can easily find the new place and can reach to his desired destination by following the given route in such apps.

Google Maps has been the most widely used app for discovering the location of remote places and routes to those places easily. However, the recent update of Google Maps has made it worse and it has become quite complex to find locations with it.

Alternatives To Google Maps

This is the reason why most of its users are willing to find some other reliable yet efficient utility to find the route to their desired places easily. In case you are one of them, you do not need to search anymore.

Given below is the list of some most reliable Map apps which can be used as alternatives to Google Maps.

1. Yahoo Maps:


If you are looking for a user-friendly yet efficient alternative to Google Maps, then the first one that you should consider is Yahoo Maps. Yahoo Maps is a very good mobile and desktop app that can help you browse and find the locations easily. The interface of this app is quite similar to that of Google Maps. Therefore, you would not be going to face any difficulty in using it.

The place can be easily searched by entering it in the Map search bar. However, in order to find directions to that place, you will need to click the directions button given at the top-left side of the screen, enter your current location and the place you want to reach, press enter and that’s it.

2. Bing Maps:


Another reliable app that can be used as a replacement to Google Maps is Bing Maps. Developed by Microsoft, this is really an amazing app having all important features and options that are required for intensive searching such as searching different places through keywords.

In case you are new to a city and want to find the nearest coffee shop around your place, you no longer need to use yellow pages. All you need to do is to type the keyword in Bing Maps and it will provide you with the relevant results with the address and directions to those places.

3. Waze:


Waze is another really amazing app that provide the users with the live map and real-time traffic conditions in the city making the user able to skirt poor traffic conditions. This app has been bought by Google to integrate social network service into its Map app. However, the desktop version of this app is still there which one can easily use to browse the live map and real-time conditions of the traffic. All you need to do is to enter your current location and the location where you want to be and it will provide you with the quickest ways of reaching there.

4. Apple Maps:


Apple had launched the Maps app for the first time few years ago and it had not got good feedback from the users because of the bugs it had. However, Apple has debugged its app and introduced a more advanced and better version of the initial app.

The recent version of the Apple Maps is quite efficient having almost every feature that you wish to have in a Maps app such as real-time traffic update, accurate directions to the desired destination, Siri to provide you with the quickest ways, and many more things.

With so many features, it can be said that Apple has given the users with an efficient Map app that can be used to replace Google Maps. However, only Apple and Mac users can make the most of it. In case you are not one of them, this app is not for you.

5. OpenMaps:


Another reliable alternative to Google Maps for Apple and Mac users is OpenMaps. Dissimilar to other apps owned by private organizations, this app is free and has a wide range of features which gives it edge over other Maps apps.

Usually, the Maps apps available on the board only allow you to search the desired destination and get the directions to that place from your current location. However, this app has much more than that to offer to its users.

With this app, you cannot only search the places and get the directions, but you can also socialize with it. Furthermore, it provides its users with the freedom to edit the misspelled places and report bugs and suggestions to make this app better.

Bottom Line:

The list of Maps apps given above is comprised of some of the most reliable, efficient and user-friendly apps and there are many other apps that one can use to browse locations and get directions. Each of them has different features, interface and options and your choice of picking up completely depends on the features you want to have in it.