Google Chrome is a lightweight, interactive and feature-rich internet browser that offers speedy browsing and a wide range of additional features through its extensions. Due to these features, Chrome enjoys 60% of the total market share of all internet browsers.

Although it seems to have everything that you may be looking for in an internet browser for fast and smooth browsing, but it does not do well when it comes to do technical things. This is the reason why users, mostly technical, are looking for an alternative to it.

Google Chrome Alternatives

If you are the one who is searching for a reliable alternative to Google Chrome, then you are landed on the right spot. I have handpicked some of the best alternatives to Google Chrome that you must check and I am sure that you will find your desired one in the list given below.

  1. Mozilla Firefox:

The most reliable and strongest contender in the list of reliable alternatives to Google Chrome is none other than Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is the second most widely used internet browser after Chrome due to the numerous similar features it offers to the users. Firefox also offers private browsing session similar to Chrome’s Incognito Window to prevent other users of the same profile take a peak of what you have been surfing.

Mozilla Firefox

Moreover, it also encrypts the data so anyone who’s trying to eavesdrop your internet communication can barely get some distorted patterns of your data, unable to recover the original conversation. Also, there are thousands of plugins, available for free, which one can integrate to enjoy some additional features on the very same browser.

  1. Safari

For Mac users, there is no better option for replacing Chrome than its very own Safari browser. It is really quick and lightweight internet browser which gives you smoother internet surfing experience than that of Chrome and Firefox, in some scenarios. Besides just being fast, it also has some unique features which would be hard to get in other browsers.

Safari Web Browser

Since, it is not a fan of Google, the company that tries to intervene in every data communication done over the internet, it offers a suite of tools and other features that you will need to protect your data and communication done via browser. These are some of the many features of this browser which makes it an outstanding one. However, Safari is only supported by Mac OS so the Windows and other OS users cannot enjoy its astounding features.

  1. Microsoft Edge

Those who are using Windows 10 should give Microsoft Edge a try to replace Chrome. As it names, Microsoft has tried to give its latest browser an edge over other internet browsers, available in market, by giving users a more personal internet surfing experience. Different from other browsers on this list, it comes with a built-in distraction-free environment which helps users read their favorite article without being distracted with some nasty marketing ads and pop-ups that force readers to provide them with their email for no reasons.

Microsoft Edge

With Cortana installed in it, you no longer need to leave your current page to see results of your search. Different from Internet Explorer, Microsoft has made it quite lightweight so now you don’t have to wait for pages to get loaded as it will be done as soon as you will click on the link, provided that you have good internet connectivity.

  1. Opera

Opera is yet another great internet browser and alternative to Google Chrome. Since it is also based on Chromium, similar to Chrome, you will find many similar Chrome features in Opera which will help you make a smooth transition from Chrome to Opera. Besides having similar features to Chrome, it has many other features that have been adopted by other browsers including the one you are willing to replace. One of the many features that Chrome has adopted is Speed Dial that was first introduced in Opera.

Opera Web Browser

Due to its lightweight, lighter than Firefox, it does not take much space on RAM or processor and therefore performs tasks quickly and provide fast internet surfing experience. It does not end here. It also offers a Turbo Mode that decreases the file sizes, you are accessing, by compressing them to provide a boost in your internet surfing experience. So, the document that was taking 5 seconds to get load will be loaded in few seconds –with Turbo mode enabled. Last but not the least feature is that it is multi-cross web browser which means that it runs and works equally good on Windows, Linux, OS X, BlackBerry, iOS and Android.

  1. Comodo Dragon

Last but not the least on our list of reliable alternatives to Google Chrome is Comodo Dragon –an internet browser that does not fall short of user’s expectation when it comes to protect data and privacy. Since it is developed by a security firm Comodo, this internet browser is equipped with every possible security feature that you may wish to have in your browser.

Comodo Dragon Web Browser

Different from other browsers listed on this page, it comes with an option that allows users to route their traffic through Comodo DNS which means that the page, before loading on your computer, will be checked by Comodo for every possible harmful data or malware and will only be delivered to your computer if safe. However, the bad news is that it is only available for Windows so only Windows users can enjoy such special security features while browsing.