One of the most widely used free platforms for blogging is Blogger by Google. It allows users to create their own website for free having ready to integrate templates for it. In order to use it, users just need a valid Gmail account for logging in it.

It has mainly two features for the users who want to start blogging on it. The first one is to buy their desired domain and use its hosting service or create a free Blogspot on it. Therefore, it depends on user whether he wants to use it as a free-hosting blogging platform or to create a .blogspot blog on it.

Blogger Alternatives

Although it is really an efficient blogging platform having the reliability stamp of Google, but it is not preferred by many bloggers because there are some features missing in it that are available on other blogging platforms.

So, if you are searching for some other reliable blogging platform besides Blogger, then your search ends here. I have picked up some of the most reliable alternative blogging platforms that are more efficient and easy-to-use than Blogger. Go through the given list, read the description and decide with which platform you want to go with.

1. WordPress:

WordPress (WP) is really a great alternative to Blogger in both ways. If you are looking to create a blog for free without buying your own domain, WP allows you to do that by registering to its free blogging site and you can create as many blogs as you want with .wordpress domain. In case, you do not want to create free blog but still want to use WP to build your website, you can do it. All you need to do is to download WP CMS on your hosting server, upload your domain on it, select ready-to-integrate themes and your web will be created and ready to go on internet.

One thing that gives it edge over other blogging platforms, including Blogger, is that it offers thousands of free widgets and plugins that can be integrated in any blog to give it a unique look without manipulating the coding of the web. Therefore, the ones having little or no knowledge about the programming languages can easily create, run and manage their blog on it.

2. Ghost:


One of the most widely used and preferred blogging platforms by professional bloggers is Ghost. The reason of being popular among the blogging community is that it is meant for blogging especially. The dashboard is designed in a beautiful way that does not offer any distractions and keep the focus of blogger to just writing and publishing the content.

It has various tools that one can use to give a more professional look to his blog and attract the visitors to read it till the end. Furthermore, it saves time by keeping away the distractions which can be utilized in doing other important tasks such as blog promotion and social media management.

3. Tumblr:


Tumblr is yet another great blogging platform which has been widely used by thousands of bloggers due to many reasons and one of those reasons is its ease of use. It does not have too many complexities that you may have encountered while using other blogging platforms.

When you will log in, it will directly take you the dashboard where everything you need for blogging is available such as attaching photo or any other media including audio and video with your text to make your posts look more attractive. Furthermore, it allows you to import blog posts from other renowned services such as RSS Feeds, AOL Instant Messenger and Twitter.

4. Svbtle:


Another great, distraction-free blogging platform that can be used to get rid of Blogger is Svbtle. It is really an amazing blogging portal for the ones who just want to write and publish informative content for their readers. Its dashboard is designed in a way that makes the user’s brain work faster and navigation easier.

Being the simplest of all blogging platforms, it still offers some of the most important tools usually required to bring the blog on top such as branding, personalization and custom domain support to take ownership of your work.

5. Posthaven:


Posthaven is developed by the owners of Posterous, a blogging platform that was acquired and closed by Twitter promptly. The reason behind developing this platform is to provide backup of the posts that users had created on Posterous.

Furthermore, the developers have promised the users that this platform will never going to shut down in any case so that they can start using it in the same way as they used to do on Posterous. User can now host their blog and use wide range of tools for blogging for just $5 per month.

6. Postach:

Postach is another great platform for bloggers who mainly use Evernote for writing. With this platform, you can directly publish the posts you have created on Evernote and tag that post as published. There are various themes and tools available to give your blog a more personal and unique look to stand out from the crowd.

Along with the tools and widgets, there are some other customization options as well that you can use. However, customization other than the available tools can only be done by the one who has little knowledge about CSS and HTML. In order to use it, you only need have a domain name and account on Evernote.