Adobe Illustrator is really amazing software for designing complex and high definitions graphics, themes and logo designs. The reason why it has become popular among the designers in a very short span of time is its enhanced features that are hard to find in any other software available on the board.

However, operating it is not an easy task and one needs to spend years to get command over this professional designing software. That is why; most of the users who want to make or edit a casual graphic design usually face complications in operating it.

Alternatives To Illustrator

There is no doubt at all that it is really cool designing software for producing high quality designs. However, it is not the only one out there. There is plenty of other software as well that can be used and easily operated by an average user for making a casual design.

So, if you are an average user who is looking for an alternative to Illustrator but have not find its perfect replacement yet, your search ends here. I have handpicked few of the best designing software that can be used as alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

1. InkScape:

1. InkScape

Inkscape is really great and feature-rich graphic designing software that can be used as an alternate to Illustrator. One of the many things that makes it preferred not only over the Illustrator but other alternatives as well that it has a user-friendly interface that can be easily understand by an average user. The unique thing about this software and the reason why I have listed on top of the list is that it has a wide range of designing tools and features that are hard to find in any other software available for free. So all you need to do is to go to its website, download its setup and start using it for free.

2. DrawPlus:

2. DrawPlus

If you are looking for a free and easy to use graphic designing and editing software, then you must give Serif DrawPlus a try. It is really cool software which is very lightweight and having almost every feature that one requires having it in graphic designing software to come up with casual graphic designs and minor editing in the existing designs as well. In this program, you will have some cool features like Curve Editing, Quick Shapes and Curve smoothing to get your design and editing procedure done easily. However, only Windows users can make the most of it.

3. Corel Draw:

3. Corel Draw

Corel Draw, an exciting digital painting program, is the most advanced and feature-rich graphic designing software available on the board after Adobe Illustrator which makes it the perfect replacement. This software has everything that one needs to make a bit complex designs and to do heavy editing in an existing design. You can experiment with, compositions, colors and brush. However, the thing that makes it more preferable over the Illustrator is that it is quite easy to use and one can easily learn operating all its basic commands efficiently within a week.

4. Creative Docs.Net:

4. Creative Docs.Net

Another great vector based graphic designing software that can be a great alternate to Adobe Illustrator is Creative Docs.Net. It is really amazing program that have a wide range of designing and editing features that can easily fulfill the needs of an average user. However, it can only be installed and used on Windows Operating System (OS).

5. Sketch:

5. Sketch

If you were previously a Windows user and switched on to Mac, you would surely having trouble in finding a feature-rich graphic designing software having the set of tools and options required for making a graphic design. However, now you do not need to worry about it as Sketch is there for you.

Sketch is a very cool graphic designing and editing software having the most features that any program used by Mac users for graphic designing. Its vector designing functionality empowers the users to create as complex designs as they used to draw in Illustrator. In short, there is no other program that a Mac user can get for graphic designing.

6. Pixelmator:

6. PixelMator

Pixelmator is really an amazing software that prior has the functionality as of Adobe Photoshop but in the latest version, developers have added vectors in it making it a reliable alternative to Illustrator. Therefore, it can be used to design casual as well as a bit complex graphic designs. Not only it is feature-rich but also inexpensive among all the paid alternatives available on the board.

7. GIMP:


GIMP is yet another great graphic designing software having quite similar interface to that of Adobe Photoshop, another widely used graphic designing software, which makes it an alternate to Photoshop as well. It can be used for designing and editing casual designs but one cannot use it for making complex, high definition designs because it lacks vectors that are required by most of the designers.

8. Xara Xtreme:

8. Xara Xtreme

Last on the list but not the least is Xara Xtreme –amazing graphic designing software. This software has plenty of features and comes in two different versions, free and paid. The paid version has a set of tools that can be used to make professional graphic designs. However, the free version has ample tools to create average graphic designs.