Creating fancy visuals and dazzling motion graphics is one of the most difficult tasks for a web designer, post-product artist and animator. In order to create such astounding animations, the artists need different tools and plugins.

Gone are the days when the artists were required to use different tools and software to give life to their imagination because there was no such suite of the required tools of animation. Now there is ease for the animators because of Adobe After Effects.

Alternatives To Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is an amazing toolkit having almost every tool that one needs to create magical animations. This is the reason why it is being so widely used by the animators and web designer these days.

There is no doubt that it has many cool tools and plugins that make the animation easier. However, it is not the only toolkit out there having such amazing tools. There are many other software as well that can provide you with the required tools and features.

In case you have not found one on your own, do not worry. I have picked up some of the best animation tools that can be easily used as an alternative to Adobe After Effects.

1. Wax:


Wax is one of the amazing software that can provide you with the set of tools required for coming up with fancy animation. It enables the user to composite and add special effects to the video making it look unique, attractive and compelling. The best thing about it is that it can be used in both ways either as standalone software or as a plugin to the renowned software such as Sony Vegas. Furthermore, the user can add real-time effects in his animation.

2. Blender:


Another great tool for creating astonishing animation is Blender. There are many things about this tool which makes it different yet better than other motion graphic software out there. Some of its key features that attracts broadcasters to use it includes UV unwrapping, smoke simulation, fluid, texturing, compositing, animating and 3D modeling. Due to such cool features, this tool has been widely used in the development of interactive 3D games and other applications.

3. Eyeon Fusion:


In case you are using After Effects for compositing and did not find it useful enough to meet your needs, then you must consider checking out Eyeon Fusion. It is really an amazing yet advanced tool for compositing that has been widely used for digital compositing for commercials and films. Furthermore, it is being widely used for creating special effects that are hard to get created by any other software out there.

4. Autodesk 3D Max:


Autodesk 3D Max is another feature rich tool that is most commonly used by the game developers for creating games of high quality graphics. There is no comparison of this tool with After Effects if you are willing to use it for 3D character modeling, rendering and animation capabilities. However, it is not good for special effects and compositing. Depending upon your needs, it can be great software to use.

5. Corel VideoStudio Pro X6:


Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 is also a highly renowned video editor and special effects composer for an average user. Dissimilar to After Effects, the user does not need to learn technicalities for editing movies and adding special effects in it. This amazing software can take input from the smartphone and iPads directly. Therefore, you can now make and edit movies on the go.

6. The Foundry Nuke:


Have you ever wonder how the biggest creative and animation house such as DreamWorks make animated movies. These giant animated film making houses usually use The Foundry Nuke software to give life to their imagination. Nuke is premium animation software that comes with a wide range of features and tools that you cannot find in any other software, even in After Effects. Since it has too many tools and options, it is quite difficult to operate. However, if you have used similar software, you can easily start using it.

7. Fxhome Hitfilm 2 Ultimate


If you are willing to compose action video effects such as explosion and smoke, then you must try Fxhome Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. It is really a cool animation suite having each and every tool that you may need to create special effects. Furthermore, you can easily create 3D animating models with it. Upon buying this software, you will become a member of its user community from where you can get cool tips and tricks for composing special effects and 3D objects easily.

8. Particle Illusion:


Last but not the least alternative to Adobe After Effects is Particle Illusion. It is great software which is specifically meant to creating particle effects and adding them into your videos, images and animations. Due to its ability of creating a wide range of particle effects, this software has been awarded for being the best standalone particle effects application. So, if you are having difficulty in creating particle effects with After Effects, I would recommend you to check this software out.