Adobe Reader is the most commonly and widely used software for viewing PDF files. Also, you can search, verify, print, digitally sign and collaborate on PDF docs using this software. However one thing that makes it annoying for users is that it is heavy-weight software which occupies much space on device and affects device performance.

Alternatives To Adobe Reader

It is undoubtedly the most widely used software for viewing, sharing and editing PDF files. However, it is not the only one. There are other light-weight software, having almost the same features as of Adobe Reader, which can be used to view PDF files. Following is the list of some best alternatives that can be a perfect replacement to it.

1. PDFEscape:

PDFEscape is a valuable PDF reader that can be used as an alternative to Adobe Reader. With this software, you cannot only view the PDF files but can edit them as well. This amazing alternative is available for free having almost every feature that makes you able to do anything you want with the PDF file such as editing, password protecting, sharing, printing, saving and annotating as well.

One thing that gives it edge over other alternatives and Adobe Reader is that it does not require you to download it as it is completely cloud-based. All you need to do is to upload your PDF doc on their server and do whatever you want to do with it. In case, you do not want to download the modified file on your computer, you can directly send it to the recipient through it. However, the only drawback is the limitation of file size. Users are not allowed to upload files that are greater than 10Mb.

2. PDF-Exchange Viewer:

If you are looking for an alternate having a long list of cool features, then you would be going to like PDF-Exchange Viewer. Besides the normal viewing, editing and printing options, this software allows you to fetch text from PDF files and page markup. Also, it provides support for 256 bit AES encryption and allows you to apply your custom stamps on files. With this software, you do not need to write text in Word document or Notepad and then convert it into PDF but you can directly type onto any PDF page.

3. Evince:

Evince is not a specific alternative to Adobe Reader because it is not just meant to replace it. The basic aim behind developing it is to provide users single software that can be used to view and edit other file formats, along with PDF, like postscript, djvu, tiff, dvi, cbr, cbz, etc. With this software, one can easily edit and add PDF annotations. However, only Windows and Linux users can make the most of it and get rid of different document viewers.

4. Foxit Reader:

One of the highly renowned alternatives, available for free, is Foxit Reader. Having almost every feature of Adobe Reader, it is simply a light-weight version of it. This software has some of the coolest features like advanced security and multimedia insertion and markup and commenting in PDF documents. Along with these features, you can run JavaScript through open PDF files and view multiple files via multi-tab display option.

5. Nitro Reader:

Nitro Reader is yet another free, feature-rich alternate to Adobe Reader through which you can quickly view the PDF files. Besides viewing and editing existing PDF documents, it allows you to create new ones. Split-screen feature of this software makes it easier for the users to view and work on multiple PDF files simultaneously. This alternate has a premium version as well. However, the free version has enough features that most of the users require to work on their PDF files.

6. Sumatra PDF:

Another reliable alternate to view and edit your PDF docs is Sumatra PDF. It is lightweight yet powerful software capable of carrying out any task for which you need Adobe Reader. Having a simple interface, it allows users to create, share, and protect their files with password. Dissimilar to other PDF readers, this is a portable reader which allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. However, it can be only used on Windows. So, if you are a Windows user, it can be a perfect replacement for Adobe Reader.

7. Okular:

Okular is basically a universal document viewer through which you can view different format files. However, it is mostly used as an alternative to Adobe Reader for viewing, editing, sharing and protecting PDF files. It can be easily download and install on your Windows, Mac or Linux based device without acquiring much disk space. However, the limitation of this software is that it is meant for KDE only. So, if you want to install it on your device, you will first need to run the KDE installer on your system. Once the KDE installer is successfully installed on your device, you can simply start using it.

8. Preview:

Last on our list but not the least is Preview, developed by Apple Inc. specifically for Mac OS X. This software can be simply the best replacement of Adobe Reader for Mac users as it comes with such features that are hard to find in any other alternate like combining documents by drag-and-drop option, moving individual pages around and deleting multiple pages altogether. Along with the editing of text, this software allows you to view and edit images which you can insert in your PDF documents.