Microsoft Office (MS) Word is the most commonly used tool for doing textual work including reports and memos. If you have been using MS Word for all important documentation and other textual work, then you may have come to a situation when you need to embed a PDF file in it to uphold any argument or to use the PDF document as a reference to something you have mentioned in your report.

Adding PDF Into Word

Inserting a single-page PDF document in Word is quite easy as it can be easily inserted by selecting that particular PDF file. However, if you would do the same procedure for inserting a PDF file comprised of multiple pages, the Word would fail miserably and only the cover page of that particular file will be inserted.

In order to insert a PDF file having multiple pages, you will need to carry out certain steps involving conversion of PDF to JPEG or Word and then insertion of the converted files into Word document. Before moving onto the steps of adding PDF file into Word document, I would like to mention some of the valuable tools that one can use for converting multiple page PDFs into pictures and word document.

Converting PDF Into Pictures

One of the easiest ways of inserting a multiple page PDF into Word is to convert it into pictures and simply insert those pictures using the default ‘Insert’ option. However, converting the PDF into picture is the main thing here and it completely depends upon how well aware you are of such tools and software and your access to them. Following are some of the easily available software that you can use to convert PDF into pictures easily.


As it names, PDFToJPG is a tool that converts PDF file into .JPG pictures. This tool is quite efficient in converting PDF into pictures as it allows user to select from multiple quality options of the picture. Just select your desired output quality and click the convert button and your PDF will be converted into pictures.

Once it is converted, you will be provided with links to the converted pages. In case you want to download files individually, you can simply click on the individual links. Otherwise, you can simply click on the Zip archive option to download all files in a single bunch.

Adobe Acrobat Full:

In case you are using the full version of Adobe Acrobat, you do not have to use any other tool as it comes with an option of ‘Save As’ or ‘Save As Other’ to convert the PDF into an image with a wide range of formats including JPG, TIFF and PNG. The best part about it is that you it generates individual images of the multiple page PDF. However, since it costs a lot, it may not be an option for most of the users.


SnagIt is yet another great tool for converting PDF into pictures. This tool has multiple options of converting PDF into images such as capturing screenshot and screencasts. There is an additional option for Windows users i.e. printer capture utility which allows you to print PDF from any other program. In this way, you can easily send the PDF file to SnagIt printer and it will convert your PDF into images. This tool is also a paid one but its price is quite low as compared to Adobe Acrobat Full version. You can have it for just $50.

Converting PDF Into Word Document

Similar to the tools that convert PDF into images, there are tools that are able to convert PDF into word documents. In case you did not know, check out the given tools.

Adobe Acrobat Pro:

In case you are using the Pro or Standard version of Adobe Acrobat, then you will not need to check out any other tool as it comes with an option of converting PDF into Word document. However, this option is only feasible for those who are already using the Standard version as it costs hundreds of dollars and spending such huge amount just for converting PDF into Word would not be a good call.


PDFToWord is a free online utility which can help user to convert their PDF files into images. However, the online utility only supports the conversion of small PDFs. In order to convert bigger size PDFs, you will need to buy the desktop version which will cost you few dollars.

Inserting PDF Into Word

Once you have converted the desired PDF file, either into image or word document, you can now simply insert it into your word document.

To insert the image or document, go to the ‘Insert’ tab and select ‘Insert Object’ option.

Pic 1

Clicking the insert object option will open a window having two options i.e. ‘Create from new’ and ‘Create from file’. You will need to select the second option, click ‘Browse’ button and select your desired file that you want to insert in your Word document.

Pic 2

Repeat the same steps for adding multiple documents or images.