These days, the ever-declining economy has left many of us unemployed and completely penniless. Due to such economic conditions, finding a decent job with a handsome salary is quite difficult. Even if you find a good job, you barely get the salary that you expect. These problems have left us with no other option but to try blogging, the “trendy” method of making easy-money online.

Almost every internet user is familiar with the term, “blogging”. Basically, it is a method that allows you to make your own personal online journal or a weblog where you could share your knowledge with people from all over the world. It also allows you to interact with your users and exchange opinions with each other, while earning some income in-between these activities. This online journal can be created on any topic, ranging from health or technology to education or vocational training tips, etc.


These days, many individuals are making 5-figure income out of their blogs. In fact, many people have left their day job to give more time to their blogs and squeeze as much money as possible. However, getting started with a profitable blog isn’t easy, not even close. It requires not only knowledge and efforts but also a great deal of time, interaction skills and patience as well.

Though this write-up may sound like it is created for only beginners, even experienced bloggers can learn a thing or two here that they might have been missing. Here you’ll be taught how you can take the first step in blogging and accomplish the success that awaits you.

Let us first take a brief tour to how to set up a blog to embark on our blogging journey.

Setting up a Blog


Decide Your Niche

Though many people consider that niche selection comes after when the blog is all set up. Nonetheless, the best practice is to decide the niche first so that you can carry out your goals with less difficulty and stress. Choosing the right niche is one of the most important steps of blog creation. You need to choose a niche or topic that you are knowledgeable and interested in. Pick out something that you are passionate to talk about and avoid any topic that is least interesting.

Get the Domain and Hosting

Second most important step is to purchase your own domain name and host it on a secure and reliable hosting service. You must be wondering now why is there a need of purchasing a blog when you have free blogging services available. Well, the success of blogging solely relies on whether you blog seems credible or unreliable to the audience. If it is credible, more audience will attract to your blog, which means more sales and success. To purchase domain name and hosting, you can try services like or

Install CMS

Though there are dozens of different CMS available but the most user-friendly and popular one is WordPress. This CMS provides you with all the necessary features that are needed to run a profitable blog. However, setting up a CMS can sometimes be a little tricky. So, it is best to ask a professional set it up for you.

Get an Attractive Theme

Choosing a professional yet elegant theme is another significant step that adds to the credibility of your site. It is recommended to purchase a theme instead of using a free template to make your blog more unique.

Install Necessary Plugins

Plugins gives you additional features to let your make your blog more eye-catching and effective. There are loads of plugins that successful bloggers often use to smooth their blogging endeavors and increase online-traffic.

Write Catchy Posts

The only way through which you can drive insane traffic to your blog is through writing attention-grabbing content. Remember that visitors come to your blog only for reading the content of their liking. If they don’t find what they are looking, they won’t bother visiting to your blog again.

Optimize It Well

Optimization, both on search engine and social media networks, is the critical key in increasing your web presence and letting hordes of traffic flowing on your blog. Web optimization is a complicated area, therefore it is recommended that you should do some research on this topic prior to optimizing your blog.

Revenue Generation Tactic That You Must Know


Following are some number of ways through which you can generate easy revenue through your blogs:

•    Google Adsense
•    Affiliate Marketing, normally involves writing reviews or product promotion
•    PPC, usually cost per impression method
•    Online selling, any service you can think of
•    Selling Ad-space

There are dozens of ways through which you can monetize your blog, which cannot be expounded on in this brief write-up. The best way is to try and explore it yourself.