Google Adsense is a program which helps you earn money online through the advertisements displayed on your website or blog. It is basically a pay-per-click program by which you get paid online at every single time a visitor clicks on any of the ads you host on your website. It is a great source of making money for website owners and bloggers.


The paying rates of Google Adsense are better than any other Ads network on the Internet and that is why it is popular among bloggers and website owners. Since everybody wants to sign up and integrate Adsense into their website or blog, Google has kept really strict rules for the approval of the websites and blogs. Even a minor mistake in the content can get your blog or website rejected. Therefore, you need to do a few things before applying and signing up for an Adsense account:

1.    Create Valuable Content

The first thing to do before applying for Google Adsense is create some good quality content for your blog or website. Make sure that the content on your website is well-written, focused and valuable for others. This also helps Adsense to place ads relevant to the website. Google doesn’t accept websites with no content or those websites which have low quality or very less content in it. So, before you even think of signing up for an account on Adsense, make sure you have good quality content on your blog or website.

2.    Type Of Content

The type of content you post on your website or blog matters a lot. Be careful when publishing articles because Adsense doesn’t accept unethical or inappropriate content. Moreover, your blog must be in English and must exceed 300 words.

3.    Design Of Your Blog/Website

Another important thing to consider is the design of your blog or website. You can use a template for your blog/website design which clearly represents what your blog is about. In order to get your website approved by Adsense, you must consider the following design elements:

a.    Your website shouldn’t look like a spam website
b.    You must not have too many ads
c.    You should have more content area
d.    Your website must have good navigation

4.    Important Pages For Quick Approval

Following are some pages you need to create on your website or blog for effective approval of Google Adsense.

•    Privacy Policy Page

It is must to have a privacy policy on your website if you want to get it approved for Google Adsense. Many people make the mistake of not including a privacy policy on their website. A privacy policy is a page on your website that tells the readers what information your website will collect about the visitors. It tells the visitors what actions they can or cannot perform. Without having a privacy policy, your website will have no chances of getting approved by Adsense.

•    About Us Page

The about us page is also a requirement before applying for Adsense. This page simply gives a description about your business or your blog.

•    Contact Us Page

Another important requirement is the contact us page.  This page allows the visitors to provide feedback and asks questions regarding your website or blog.

5.    Domain Age

Your website or blog must have a minimum of 6 months domain age to sign up for Google Adsense. There are many blogs nowadays that are less than 6 months old and they sign up for Adsense. Since new blogs haven’t had enough time to get established yet, Google feels that they shouldn’t be accepted.

6.    Number Of Posts

Your blog should have at least 50 or more high-quality posts to get approved. Here, quality refers to posts that people would love to read and leave comments on, and that convey complete information to them.