YouTube is the number one video sharing website in the world and the king of online video hosting. If you really want to strengthen and promote your brand’s position in the market, then it is best to establish yourself on YouTube. However, YouTube has some drawbacks. For example, the advertisements are always displayed next to the content of the video and there is more or less no customization. Also, YouTube has the right to deactivate your account at its will.


If you don’t find YouTube good because of these limitations and are looking for an alternative, you can find many other websites for marketing and business video hosting on the Internet. These websites are similar to YouTube and are doing a good job in putting up videos submitted by users. Here are some of these excellent alternatives:

1.    Vimeo

When it comes to marketing and promoting your brand, Vimeo is a strong competitor of YouTube. It is a professional video hosting website which offers numerous branding options. Although Vimeo has less users and a lower profile as compared to YouTube, it has built its image in providing high quality video content to creative professionals. Businesses can sign up for a Vimeo Pro account which costs $199 per year with 1080p HD support and 50GB of storage space. It also offers unlimited bandwidth time, advanced analytics and the ability to customize your own video player. Members on Vimeo share videos, upload clips of up to 5GB, and even enroll in online tutorials for video making. So, if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors who host their media on YouTube then you should definitely go for Vimeo.

2.    Dailymotion

One of the most popular websites among marketers that contains a huge collection of high-quality content is Dailymotion. On this website, users can upload videos of up to 2GB. Since this website has a small user base, it makes it easier for the marketers to establish their brands at the top position. Dailymotion can be called a Youtube “twin” since it has the closest resemblance to YouTube in terms of the design and the type of videos.

3.    Brightcove

Another alternative for YouTube is Brightcove through which you can easily add customized video players to various websites and social media profiles. On Brightcove, there are 15 different player templates each having six different languages and social sharing buttons. There is also an option of synchronizing videos to YouTube.

4. is another simple alternative for YouTube that is very easy to operate. Although it doesn’t have the popularity like YouTube, is a well-known seller of web content. This website is excellent for those who are interested in displaying their creativity. You can upload videos of up to 1GB; get access to online planning tools, advertising assistance, personalized branding and much more. Users can also share their videos with others and can also host them on YouTube.

5.    Viddler

Viddler is one of the best YouTube alternatives for marketing and business video hosting. It provides features such as custom branding, RSS syndication and geo-filtering for accessing videos by location. The website also features a video contest manager through which users upload their own videos and other users vote for them. The biggest advantage of Viddler is that it enables users to monetize their content through selecting advertisements that match the content, or through selling access to their premium videos by subscribing to the service. The website also allows users to build custom features or applications based on its platform.

6.    Metacafe

Metacafe is one of the best video-sharing website on the Internet. It offers videos that are categorized into movies, music, TV, video games and sports and specializes in providing short, entertaining video clips. This website can be a powerful tool for the marketer and helps build a brand’s profile quickly. Metacafe is best for those businesses which specialize in media or entertainment.

7.    Sprout Video

Sprout video is another option for business hosting and marketing that lets you integrate your videos into your marketing strategy. It allows marketers to track how users interact with their content – how much of the video did a user watch, where was the video inserted or embedded and where the user was at that time.

8.    Vzaar

Vzaar allows users to upload videos from the web, mobile or desktop, choose the desired quality and dimensions for the videos and control the domains used to play them. The website also enables monetizing through pre, mid and post roll linear advertising.