Blogging is all about interacting with your target readers. But it must be more than a simple knowledge-sharing forum. The current blogging trends have informative articles and graphic elements to interact with readers. This makes the whole thing more engaging. But the success factor of a blog lies in quality posts. Unless your blog has interesting and informative posts, it is not going to impress the readers and ultimately your blog will suffer. When it comes to writing for online business, the search engine ranking is the prime consideration. Therefore it is important that your posts are high-quality, unique and above all SEO-friendly. Read further to know some ideas that you can consider for writing posts for your blog:

1.    Create Lists: People love lists. It is interesting to find lists of top items or read a countdown of the most popular things or people. Come up with some really creative and unique topics for your lists.

2.    Give Product Reviews: Product reviews are informative and interesting for the readers. They are often meant to promote or sell a product. Some popular items for reviews include books, websites and softwares etc. Create product reviews for your niche.

3.    Q & A Interviews: Include interviews of famous people who are related with your target industry. You can even set up an interview with a celebrity in your industry that the users can stream from your blog. The interview should be consisted of ‘Questions & Answers’ that the users may find interesting and informative.

4.    Hot Topics: Discuss something that everyone is talking about or feels strongly for. It can be a breaking news, an ongoing political debate or an international environmental issue that needs global attention. Writing about such topics will surely give your blog the maximum traffic.

5.    ‘How to-’: Know your target audience and write ‘how to’ articles that demonstrate them the right ways to do specific tasks. Whether you own a business or run an online forum, you have range of ideas to tell people how to do something. Look for popular article directories for some good ideas.

6.    ‘How not to’: Similar to a ‘How-to’ theme, you can consider writing posts about the wrong ways of doing something. In this context, you can define all the ‘wrong’ methods for doing a task. For example, how not to make a pizza, how not to write an essay or how not to use an iPad etc.

7.    Expose A Myth: Explore a myth and prove it wrong. Though it is a little trickier than others, it can attract the maximum readership for your blog. However, you must have solid evidence and facts to show something as false or baseless. So do your research work impeccably before writing on any such topic.

The aforementioned topics are only some interesting ideas for blogging and you can find many fascinating themes for these ideas that match your niche. There are articles directories and databases that have plenty of topics for writing on the above mentioned ideas. So you can refer to these sources for further help. While the choices are limitless, you have to find something that can attract your particular target audience. Try to come up with something that is original and unique and that your target readers can relate with.