Image sliders have become an essential element of every web design as they are playing vital role in making them look outstanding. Also, it makes easier for the audience to check images from galleries and posts. You can add title and description with the images in the slider as well. Also, all of them are linked so if anyone clicks on the image, he will be automatically redirected to the page or post which the image belongs to.

There are many image slider plugins available that you can easily install in your WordPress (WP) site to integrate a slider.


1.    Meta Slider:

Meta Slider is a well known WP plugin for the integration of image slider in your blog. It has four superb jQuery image sliders (Nivo, Flex, Coin and Responsive Slider) in it. It is easy to install and manages images in the slider with quite ease. You can even set the speed of slider, pause time for each image, height and width of slider, etc. Also, you can reposition your images through drag and drop option.

Plugin Available Version: 2.2.2

WP Version Required: 3.5 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.6

Rating: 5 Out Of 5

2.    Content Slide:

Another great plugin to integrate image slider in your web to make it look tempting is Content Slide. It has a very simple administration interface that makes easier for you to manage and customize your slider’s width, length, height, time and number of images in one slideshow.

Plugin Available Version: 1.4.2

WP Version Required: 2.9 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.5.2

Rating: 4.5 Out Of 5

3.    Weblumia Slider:

If you want to display videos along with images in your image slider, then you must give Weblumia Slider a try. You can easily manage your slider and edit images through a simple admin interface. You can add slider in your pages or posts by adding its shortcode.

Plugin Available Version: 2.0

WP Version Required: 3.3 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.5.2

Rating: 3.7 Out Of 5

4.    WunderSlider Gallery:

One of the most famous plugins to turn your image galleries into mesmerizing image slider is WunderSlider Gallery. Along with the WP image galleries, it can also turn your NextGen galleries into image slider. It is free for personal use. However, you have to purchase its license if you want to use it for commercial purpose.

Plugin Available Version: 1.3.8

WP Version Required: 3.3 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.6

Rating: 4.1 Out Of 5

5.    Mint Sliders:

Mint Sliders is one of the powerful plugins to integrate image slider in your WP blog. However, you will have to install and activate NextGen Gallery plugin before installing it. It will give you simple admin interface to upload images and manage your image slider easily.

Plugin Available Version: 1.5.0

WP Version Required: 3.0.1 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.4.2

Rating: 3.8 Out Of 5

6.    WOW Slider:

You can now add beautiful image slideshow in your WP website by installing WOW Slider. Along with the tempting image slider, you will also get dozens of ready to integrate WP templates that can help you look your blog better. Also, it has the touch to swipe option which makes it easier for your audience who is landing through latest gadgets.

Plugin Available Version: 3.0

WP Version Required: 3.1 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.5.2

Rating: 3.6 Out Of 5

7.    WP Nivo Slider:

Last on our list of top image gallery plugins is WP Nivo Slider developed by Rafael Cirolini. It allows you to create thumbnails of images in it of particular category of your website. Also, you can specify the posts which you want to display in it.

Plugin Available Version: 3.1

WP Version Required: 2.9.2 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.5.2

Rating: 3.8 Out Of 5