Every step that we take in the modern contemporary era of today means a brand new innovation or technological breakthrough for humanity and its prosperity. Likewise since the inception of the Internet there have been over a dozen social media apps, features and websites that have pushed the communication and production phase to a whole new level.

The magic of social media has also engulfed the department of education as well as it is helped simplify the needs of both students and teachers alike. This has been accomplished thanks to some very intrinsic and dependable apps of which some of the best are given as follows:



This app can help those students who wish to brush up on their computer education. Programming languages, data structures and coding are all available thanks to this sweet little thing.


Evernote is one of the most commonly used apps as it is a virtual storage program that allows both students and teachers to store all of their important and relevant reading and learning documents and material. It is a cloud-based so whatever you do write and save will be easily retrievable and without physical harm. It also allows students and teachers to organize their documents and files so that nothing is out of place. Teachers find it easier to use this app in order to share learning material with their students.


If you are struggling with your coursework or other academic assignments then this is the best resource for you. Based in UK, Coursework labs offer academic assistance to the students around the world.


Some people may consider Dropbox to be Evernote’s rival especially when it comes to storing important documents and files, but it actually does more than that which is what makes it the better, if not the best of the two. Not only does it grants students and teachers the primary task of storing and retrieving important files and documents but they can also store, pictures, video and audio files as well. Students usually resort to this in order to store their homework, written projects and school-made documentaries and videos.


If you want to stay connected with the people around you and receive important worldly news updates then Flipboard is that one app that can give you all those benefits. Think of it as a digitized magazine where you can gather information on pretty much every single going-on on the planet. Students can use this to stay in touch with school news and other publications from their institute.


This one is loved and adored by modern teachers everywhere. Educreations allows teachers to conduct virtual class sessions by transmitting their pre-recorded video lectures and sharing them with their students. Teachers can even record their own voices and format them in an audio clip to also conduct their classes. The best part is that students get to repeat those video and audio lectures so that the real teacher does not have to.

7.Flashcards Pro

It is like regular flashcards except this one comes in a variety of languages and difficulty settings that will truly test your limits and potential. Students even have the opportunity to create their own set of flashcards or even reverse the procedure if they want to.