As we know that link building is the cornerstone of search engine optimization. It is the key module that helps the site owner to increase the credibility of the website in the eyes of Google and enjoy higher search rankings. However, with the manifestation of Google’s most infuriating update, Penguin, a great number of sites have lost their rankings that they once proudly benefited from.

Google Penguin is one of the many updates that are developed for the sole reason of making the search more accurate and seamless for the visitors. The main purpose of this update or algorithm is to slap those websites that have a bad link-profile such as spammy links, over-optimized anchor-texts, poor quality back links, etc.


The only way to recover from Penguin is to amend our link profile by removing all the bad back links. However, manual link removal technique is quite time-consuming providing that you’ve thousands of links to go through and dozens of clients’ websites to analyze. Fortunately, dozens of link removal tools have emerged in these past months to help busy site owners to weed out poor quality links.

Following is a list of 7 popular link removal tools and services that’ll save your time and help you maintain a high-quality back-link profile:

Link Removal Tools / Services

1.    Disavow Link Tool


For starters, you can use Google’s own link deletion tool, Disavow Links. As the name implies, it empowers you to disown the links that are of poor quality or spammy. First of all you need to haul the link data of your site using Google webmaster tool. Once you have downloaded the link data, create a text file and add all those links in it that you want to delete from your back links.

However, the downside of this tool is that it takes Google a couple of weeks to haul out the provided links from your profile.

2.    Link Detox


Powered by the developers of, Link detox can greatly save your time and energy by taking the link removal burden off your shoulders while allowing you to spend more time on quality link building. This great service not only analyzes over 60,000 links but gathers 80+ metrics as well. Once the analysis is conducted, you get recommendation about your link data highlighting which links are harmful for your site’s ranking and should be purged.

Link detox also analyzes client’s feedback such as email warnings from Google, replies given by Google in response of reconsideration. To use this service you need to sign-up for a premium account for € 50, which is valid for a month only.

3.    Rmoov


Struggling to remove poor links from your link data and recover from Penguin penalty? Then rmoov is the best link removal service you should avail. This unique service makes your link disavowal system less hectic and way easier. Once you add the URLs that have poor link-profile, rmoov hauls each domain owner’s contact information and email them a link disavowal request.

The best part is that you don’t need to create emails manually as this tool does it for you without any hassle at all. In addition to that it also follows up the emails with reminders. The basic version allows you to run only 1 campaign where you can analyze 25 domains or 250 URLs. You can opt for premium accounts, starting from $49/moth, if you want to run more campaigns.

4.    Delete Back Links


These guys have their own link network that allows you to analyze your site and identify spammy or poor links. Once a list of poor link profile is found, then you can remove all the bad links with just a single click. Upon removal of all the unwanted links, an automated removal confirmation email is sent back to the client.

The biggest downside of this tool is that their tool won’t be able to identify unwanted links if your site doesn’t have any back link in one of their affiliate link network. The starting price of Delete Back Links is $0.99/Link.

5.    SEO Gadget


SEO gadget is a popular tool that utilizes the link data of SEOmoz and run your URL through their special metrics to identify which links are harmful and should be removed. The best part about this tool is that it’s absolutely free to use.

The tool is quite easy to use in that you only need the URL’s Google webmaster data and upload it. SEO Gadget then pulls the anchor text of each URL along with link metrics. In addition to that it emails the domain owners of each URL requesting for link removal.

6.    Link Removal Services


With link removal services, you can delete low-quality links that are pointing to your site thereby making it vulnerable to Penguin. They use different channels of communications like social media pages, contact forms or email addresses for contacting the domain owners of each back-link to request them for link removal. Their features include thorough link profile analysis, link removal and verification, etc. Their prices range from $0.50 to $2.0 per Link.

7.    Remove’em


One of the most commonly used tool out there, remove’em utilizes different reliable data sources to identify suspicious or unnatural links and track them for removal. It is the most comprehensive and expensive service that runs a thorough analysis of your domain and give recommendations accordingly.

Remove’em uses both online and offline means of contacting the webmasters for link removal requests. In addition to that a weekly report is send back to the client about the removal progress.

If we are missing any important or popular link removal tool, then do let us know via the comments below!