An image is an important part of any website, and in average, takes almost half of its weight. Providing value isn’t enough if you really want to attract visitors to your site to increase its readership. For this you also need to spice up your content by making it attractive and interesting, and one way to do this is by adding pictures.


There is a huge difference in the impacts of a web page that is full of text and one that is full of pictures, or one that includes pictures along with the text. Pictures hold great importance for viewers. They not only contribute in making your site attractive, but also play an important role in increasing the page views and even the conversion rate of your website. Here are some tips on how pictures can boost up your site’s page views:

1.    Relevant Images Bring Results


The greatest way to boost your site’s conversion rate is to use pictures that are relevant to the title of your blog or website. A picture clearly gives an idea of what the post is about. Since people are really color-sensitive, the first thing they always notice when they visit a website is the image. As compared to the text, an image says a lot about the title and the content of a web page. People always look at the picture first, and if it impresses them, they eagerly move on to the text. So, you must always choose a picture that is relevant to the title and the text of the web page.

2.    Persona Would Do Just Fine


Using a persona (brand identity) or a mascot is another way to increase the conversion rate of your website. A mascot is a person, animal or an object that is adopted by an organization in order to bring good luck. For example, McDonalds uses a clown character as the primary mascot or icon for their company. These mascots or symbolic figures are easy to remember and serve as an identifier for a company’s website. They convey a specific message and help create a strong relationship with the customers. So, using a mascot is a great way to attract customers to your website and increase the page views.

3.    Visitors Love Royalty-Free (Stock) Images


One more tip to increase page views is to use stock photos or royal-free photos of high quality on your website. Stock photos are professional pictures of people, nature or various places that can be used for creative or business purposes. These photos can easily be found on Google Images or stock photo websites.

4.    Stir up Visitors’ Feelings


Another tip to increase page views is to use pictures that arouse the emotions or control the moods of the site’s visitors. Attracting a visitor emotionally through images can easily turn him into a customer. Avoid using simple images, rather use pictures that can attract your visitors by focusing on their feelings.  Through pictures, you can make your visitors idealize your products. You can please them whenever you want and make them happy or sad with the pictures on your website.

You should carefully select excellent, high quality stock photos since these photos are used by hundreds of different websites on the Internet.

5.    Always Leverage Your Creativity


Be imaginative and apply a unique and innovative strategy for using images in your website. Don’t copy styles from other websites; rather create your own exclusive one. For example, you can use animated or 3-dimensional images.

6.    Provide Evidence To Convince Your Customers


You can also increase page views of your website by expressing your customers’ satisfaction through images. Many websites provide their customers’ feedbacks regarding their product or service in the form of images. Some companies even use pictures of celebrities to attract and retain customers. This is a great marketing strategy to convince customers to purchase products.