WordPress has empowered thousands of experienced and wannabe writers with the ability to share their knowledge on a particular topic with readers around the globe. With millions of bloggers feeding engaging content to their blogs on daily basis, it is quite difficult to monitor image bandits. These individuals not only lift images from other blogs but also reuse it without crediting the sources. To avoid these image lifters from targeting your blog, it is recommended to watermark your images.

Watermarking blog images is like erecting fences around your blog with a pit bull guarding it 24/7. Another advantage of watermarking blog images can be availed in the form of marketing. How? If you are not worried about the copyright issues of your images, then by letting others lift your images you are availing the opportunity to advertise your blogs freely on other websites.

Regardless of the case, watermarking every image on each post blog post can be truly demanding. Fortunately, there are some automatic watermarking plugins you can avail to make this task quick and easier. Take a look at some popular auto-watermark plugins for your WordPress blog and opt for the one that fits best.

Transparent Image Watermark



This WP plugin allows you to watermark the images immediately when you add them to your WP image gallery. Although the plugin doesn’t give you the ability to fix the positioning of the watermark-text but it lets you to fix the width size of the watermark. In addition to that you also have the total control over the color, size and transparency of the watermark. Another great feature of this plugin is its preview ability that lets you see how you image will appear with the watermark.

Scissors and Watermark



This is a dual-feature plugin that comes with both watermarking and editing features. The ‘scissors’ feature allows you to edit the image in any manner you desire. For instance, if you upload an image and don’t want it as it is but crop, rotate or resize it, you can easily do it with the scissors. Whereas, the ‘watermark’ features allows you to imprint your text either manually or automatically. Keep in mind that the watermark tab should be configured properly once the plugin is activated.

Watermark Reloaded


watermark-reloaded-2As the name suggest, this plugin is loaded with many useful features. Once the parameters are set after the activation of the plugin, you can easily imprint the images of any sizes you want such as thumbnails or large images. The best part is that unlike other plugins, watermark reloaded comes with a positioning feature which is great for those who don’t want to use the default imprint-positioning. In addition to that you can change the opacity, outline or background color of the watermark in the manner you desire.

Easy Watermark and Images Optimize

image-optimizerIt is a pretty simple WP plugin with precise features that let you optimize and watermark both new and already existed images on your WordPress blog. When you add a new image or edit an existing one, you will be presented with two options: optimize and add watermark. As it suggests, with the optimize button you can quickly optimize the image whereas with the add watermark button you can imprint the image and publish it to your blog post.

Watermark My Image



Have you seen 9GAG watermarks? If you want to use a plugin that can watermark your image in a similar manner than 9GAG, then ‘watermark my plugin’ is the tool you should consider. It is a unique watermark plugin in that it allows you to place two imprints on the bottom right side of your images. Moreover, you can change the size, color and even the typeface of the text of your watermarks. This is a truly great plugin for those who want to display their watermarks in a unique manner.

Easy Watermark


Last but not least, easy watermark plugin can also work great for those who don’t want to waste their time watermarking every single image manually. This tool gives you the ability to imprint all the images in your media gallery with a single click – of course, you first need to configure the parameters of your watermark as per your liking or needs.

As said earlier, watermark plugins can be a great assist in your WP Plugins arsenal. If you have any better one to suggest to our readers, simply leave a comment below.