The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be defined as a process of increasing visibility of a website on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) using its predefined keywords to get maximum traffic. So, if you are running multiple blogs but don’t want to waste time on doing manual on-page optimization, then you can try one of the following WP SEO plugins.

1.    Greg’s High Performance SEO:

One of the most effective plugins that can help you optimize your website in search engine is Greg’s High Performance SEO (GHPSEO). It has the capability to configure 100 different on-page SEO characteristics. Also, it can be loaded under 700 code lines per page view to get better experience. All in all, it is just a high performance SEO plugin with no junk in it.

Plugin Available Version: 1.5.5

WP Version Required: 2.7 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.6.1

Rating: 4.4 Out Of 5

2.    WordPress SEO By Yoast:


Another effective WP plugin that you must install to get better search engine ranking is WordPress SEO by Yoast. With its snippet preview, you can check how your post –title and description- will be displayed in the search engine which will, ultimately, help you with creating SEO friendly content for your web. It can also help you know whether the length of the content, Meta tags and description are appropriate or not.

Plugin Available Version: 1.4.18

WP Version Required: 3.3 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.6.1

Rating: 4.7 Out Of 5

3.    Lazy SEO:


Lazy SEO is the best plugin for such WP bloggers and web owners who are not good at creating title tags and Meta descriptions. It is because this plugin automatically creates relevant title tags and appropriate Meta description for your every post. Also, it can create exact match h1 to the content which will help you get better search results.

Plugin Available Version: 1.3.0

WP Version Required: 3.0.1 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.4.2

Rating: 5 Out Of 5

4.    WordPress Click & Go SEO:


WordPress Click & Go SEO is one of the most powerful yet easy to use plugins which provide all the important SEO tools which can assist you in optimizing your WP blog for better results. It’s many features include quick link index, targeted optimization on keywords, no index, etc.

Plugin Available Version: 1.1.0

WP Version Required: 3.0.1 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.6.1

Rating: 5 Out Of 5

5.    SEO Plugin By SQUIRRLY:


For those who want to boost their WP web traffic to maximum, must give SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY a try. According to a survey, in which more than 16,000 people participated, it helped them increase the website traffic up to 285%. Also, it gives real time advices and tips on increasing the quality of content.

Plugin Available Version: 2.1.3

WP Version Required: 3.1 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.6.1

Rating: 4.4 Out Of 5

6.    WP Social SEO Booster:


The last on our list of SEO plugins is WP Social SEO Booster. This plugin is basically meant to boost your search engine rankings by integrating Facebook open graph, Twitter cards and Google rich snippets in your blog. Along with the mentioned ones, it also adds all different micro-data types supported by Google.

Plugin Available Version: 1.1.7

WP Version Required: 3.5.0 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.6.0

Rating: 4.7 Out Of 5