SnapChat is an instant messaging app that becomes popular among the teenagers due to features like self-destruction. With this app, you do not have to worry about the sensitive messages you have sent to someone as the message and any other content you have sent with it will be vanished automatically and the receiver will not be able to save it in any way.

SnapChat Alternatives

After the popularity of this out-of-the-box app, many other developers have created their own apps with the same concept of self-destruction, with variance of other factors, to provide users a secure way to send and receive sensitive messages.

Although, not every app developed on the concept of SnapChat become popular the same way. However, given below have managed to share its audience due to some very cool features. In case you are looking for an alternative app with similar features, then you must check out the given list of self-destructing instant-messengers.

1. Confide:


Confide is an amazing instant messaging app that let users not to leave any trace of their conversation or content shared with others. With the self-destruct feature, this app removes the messages that have been sent to user, once they are read. Furthermore, it prevents the receiver to take the snapshot of the received message, providing a more secure way for sending messages having sensitive information. In this way, a user can say whatever he wants to say to other person without putting any filters in communication as the conversation will always remain confidential and off-the-record.

2. CyberDust:

Cyber Dust

CyberDust is quite similar to any other instant messaging app such as WhatsApp as it allows you to send and receive text messages and other content-rich media files to an individual user or a group of users. One thing that gives it edge over the simple instant messaging app is its self-destruct option which makes it easier for the user to send anything he wants to the other person without being worried about the confidentiality of the sent item as it will be removed automatically after 30 seconds of being viewed. In case the receiver will try to take the snapshot of the received message, you will be notified automatically about this activity. However, you do not need to worry about it as it does not give information about who sent the message. In this way, you can carelessly send anything you want as nothing will going to be saved.

3. Wickr:


Known as Top Secret Messenger, Wickr is a great alternative to SnapChat due to the safe and secure chat environment it provide to the users due to its self-destruct option. Therefore, users can easily send messages and other items without being worried about what they have sent as they will be removed automatically once the recipient has viewed them. The best part about this app is that it completely depends upon user to disclose his identity and ownership of a certain message. Due to such cool features, this app has become the most popular app after SnapChat.

4. FranklyChat:

Frankly Chat

FranklyChat is yet another great instant messenger that can be used for chatting with your friends without getting caught. It is because this app does not keep and do not let the receiver keep the record of the received items. Besides this feature, this app allows user to un-send your sent item. Moreover, this app does not display the received item directly to the receiver and he will need to tap on the screen to view it. There are other customization options as well that makes it an amazing instant messaging app.

5. Yovo:


Yovo is another cool app for sending private messages and photos to other user without being worried of getting caught. Dissimilar to SnapChat, this app comes with a cool feature which restricts the receiver to take snapshot of the actual received image by generating a static distortion wave on the user’s screen. In this way, the recipient can only view the image but cannot save the actual image in archive before it get removed from the messenger. In this way, the users can safely share whatever content they want to share with other Yovo users.

6. ClipChat:


ClipChat is another amazing app that lets user to share private moments securely. Similar to the aforementioned apps, this app comes with self-vanishing option that allows user to send personal pictures to other users without getting worried as the images will be cleared from the messenger. Furthermore, users can also send a 5 second video privately which will be automatically deleted once viewed. Dissimilar to SnapChat, it notifies user whenever someone attempt to take snapshot of the received picture. All these features make this app far better than SnapChat and other similar apps.