It is a great challenge to keep your mind alert throughout the day especially when you have to struggle to fight your sleep. Your morning routine becomes more of a slog rather than a stroll. In such a situation, you need to first identify the weak-points of your routine. Given below are some tips that might help you to beat the morning slog so that you can be more productive at work. Whether you’ve to travel to work or do freelancing at home, these tips can help you get through the daily slog:

1.    Wake Up Listening To Good Music


Music can do wonders to your mood, even at the time of waking up. Set your music player at the ready-to-play mode for the time you have to wake up the next day. You can select motivational tunes, upbeat pop music or loud metal to wake you up. Whatever type of music it is, the goal is to wake you up and prevent yourself from falling back into sleep.

2.    Keep A Drink By Your Side

glass-of-waterBefore you go to sleep at night, keep a drink by your side which you can quickly gulp down when you wake up in the morning. This helps boost the function of your digestive system and motivates you to move ahead.

3.    Use A Monitoring App For Sleep


A sleep monitoring app is used for two purposes. Firstly, it monitors your sleep patterns (which are shown as graphs) when it is placed in bed. And secondly, it serves as a smart alarm clock that wakes you up using encouraging and motivating ringtones. The moral behind this is to make you feel fresh instead of feeling drowsy.

4.    Decide What To Wear


Never sit back and always plan what to wear just before having your breakfast. Always decide your clothing the night before, especially if you go to work in a hurry every morning.

5.    Have A Healthy Breakfast


Even if you’re a grown-up now, having proper breakfast should still be the most important part of your day. So, remember to start your day by taking a bowl of healthy cereal, porridge or an egg. If you do not have enough time for a proper breakfast, then take some healthy snack with you on your way to work.

6.    Make A To-Do List

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A great way to beat the daily morning slog is to create a to-do list, either in the morning or the night before. By creating a to-do list, your brain will be able to stay attentive to complete the tasks that you have to accomplish in the morning. So, it is best to download a reliable app for that, which will remind you of the important tasks you need to achieve.