In the old days teenagers kept a diary in which they used to write and express their thoughts and feelings. But in today’s digital world, teenagers use blogs to express their thoughts and opinions and share their feelings with others. Blogging is undoubtedly the most popular activity among teenagers nowadays since it enables them to create their own identity and share their experiences with other people. But the question is does blogging really provides any benefits for teenagers? To answer this question, we present you the positive side of this activity:

1.    Improves writing and interpersonal skills

One of the greatest benefits of blogging for teenagers is that it helps improve their writing and communication skills. By creating blogs, teenagers can be easily aware of the grammatical and spelling errors they make while writing. In addition to improving the writing skills, blogging also enhances the communication and interpersonal skills of teenagers by allowing them to interact with other people.

2.    Enhances self-esteem

Research has found that by promoting better self-esteem, blogging can serve as a source healing for teenagers who suffer from social anxiety or emotional difficulties. It is considered ideal for teenagers and youngsters who are stressed because it helps them in dealing with their emotions. It gives them a platform where they can interact with readers who respond to their blog or leave comments regarding their experiences and emotional issues. This interaction with others leads to psychological improvement in teenagers, thus reducing their social stress.

3.    Creates identity

Blogging is different from writing. Writing influences the emotional and social behavior of the writer, whereas blogging enables teenagers to express their thoughts freely and communicate effectively with others. Teenagers can either keep their blog public or private. Through blogging, teenagers can build their own identity by managing their privacy with others. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social media websites where teens can keep their posts public or private, as they wish. Blogging provides a secure area for teens to expose their thoughts and opinions, hence building confidence and improving self-image.

4.    Find similar interests

Through blogging, teenagers can find people with the same hobbies and interests as theirs. They can choose a particular topic of their interest to write for their blog. The topics can be about fashion, beauty, food, travel, sports, music, art and education. When looking for topics, teens can also find new hobbies or interests.

5.    Increases professional network

Another benefit of blogging is that it helps teens connect with experts, thus increasing their professional network. Teenagers can easily attract a professional in a particular field by writing on a topic related to that particular field of study. They can really benefit by creating blogs since the professionals can improve their understanding about a particular subject.

6.    Provides career opportunities

Blog writing and reading also helps teenagers decide what career they want to pursue in the future. For example, teenagers who write blogs about travel or food can go for a course in tourism or hotel management.