Created in 2004, Facebook is now considered as the world’s best and largest social networking site having more than a billion active users. It has almost every feature that you wish to have in a social networking platform such as chatting, picture sharing, tagging, messaging, etc.

However, the recent Facebook privacy issue has triggered many of its users to leave it and discover a social network which is not just social but secure as well. Given is the list of secure social networks which can be used as alternatives to Facebook.

1.    Diaspora


Diaspora* is one of the strongest contender in the list of secure alternates to Facebook. One thing that makes it the most secured social networking website is that it provides its members with a direct way to connect with each other’s computer instead of a web server. In this way, the information remains in your control and there is no chance that it can be leaked out to someone without your knowledge.

2.    webNetwork


WebNetwork is another powerful social networking platform which one can use instead of Facebook. It is a complete template-based social networking site which allows you to create your own social community. The community that you will be going to create on it will be hosted on your own server which means that all your community’s data will come direct under your vigilance. Therefore, no one cannot leak and spread your personal information.

3.    Path


Path is also a user-friendly yet secure social networking application that can be used as an alternate to Facebook. It allows you to send/receive messages and share pictures with your friends and family members. Along with the secured social networking experience, it is also distraction free which means that you will not see any ads or promotional campaigns here.

4.    Family HQ


Family HQ is another great alternative where you can have true social networking experience with peace of mind. Unlike Facebook, it has strong privacy policies which ensure that any of your data or personal information will not be leaked to third party. Here, you can create small or big communities or social circles and send out your information to the particular groups rather than sending it to all.

5.    Ning


One of the reliable alternates to Facebook, for social networking, is Ning. Having a simple and user-friendly interface, it allows you to communicate and share pictures and videos with your colleagues, friends and family members –who are in your group. Talking about its security, all your profile information can be kept as a secret, even from your Network Creator, by marking the options provided to you at the time of account creation.

6.    aSmallWorld


Last on our list of secure social networking websites to replace Facebook is aSmallWorld. One thing that makes it unique from other social networks it that it is an invitation-only social networking platform and most of the users, among 600,000, are from the upper tier of society. It has a very hefty set of policies and if any member found violating site’s conventional principles, he will be kicked out of the network, immediately, i.e., without any notification or warning.