Commenting on blogs and websites is an effective practice that assists in Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) of your website. Also, it helps you drive the traffic to the link that you have added in the comment. Therefore, you will have to be very sensible while doing it. Doing it in a wrong manner may affect your rankings and traffic negatively.


However, abiding by the given list of Do’s and Don’ts will assist you in commenting appropriately yet effectively.

1.    Do Target The Related and High PR Blogs Only:

The first yet most important thing that you must abide by while commenting on a blog is to post it on a blog that is related to the nature or category of your web. Also, it must be a high PR blog too. Posting comments on a low quality blog or irrelevant blog would be a bad call. On the other hand, comments posted on a high PR and relevant blog can boost your site’s visibility in search ranking.

2.    Don’t Comment For Backlinks Only:

One thing that you should not do, while commenting, is to comment to get the backlink only. There is no doubt that our aim is to get the backlink from the site where we are posting our comment and to drive the traffic to our blog through it.

However, keeping this thing in mind will restrict your thinking power and you would not be able to post a comment that can excite the admin of that blog to publish it. Therefore, you must focus on the quality of comment and not on getting backlinks.

3.    Do Make It Informative And Interesting One:

One thing that you should do is to put all your efforts in making it an informative and interesting one. It means that you should not only read the whole article thoroughly but you will have to search about the topic that the author has discussed in it. It will help you compose a comment that will be accepted quickly.

4.    Don’t Copy Paste:

Another prohibited thing is posting a copied comment. It is seen and observed that most of the SEOs do this particular activity which is considered as spam. They do it because they are unable to write an informative and descriptive comment and they think that only a descriptive or lengthy comment is approved mostly. However, it is not what they think. Therefore, I would suggest them to do a little bit homework before commenting and should post their own, concise comment.

5.    Do Agree With Author’s Perspective:

One more thing that you must do is to agree with author’s perspective. There are several reasons behind it. The first thing is that he would have done more research than you have done on topic and the other thing is that every person in this world has its own perspective and we should respect it. In case if you do not agree with his perspective; you may let him know about it but in a very decent manner.

6.    Don’t Comment When Exhausted:

Commenting when exhausted is strictly forbidden by professional SEOs. Why? It is because, when you are exhausted, you would not be able to write a comment that can be approved and all the efforts, you will make on it, will be wasted. Therefore, you must do it when you feel fresh and supercharged.