Freelancers are people who work independently from home and earn a good income. Today, there are many people who have established successful careers as freelance professionals. Many writers, designers and programmers have found that freelancing offers great benefits including freedom, creativity and profitability.


Usually when people start their career as a freelancer, they tend to make a few mistakes along the way that put their freelancing career at great peril. Some of these mistakes are completely harmless while others can even make your life difficult. Here are some of the most common mistakes that newbie freelancers make and some useful tips on how to avoid them:

1.    Quoting High Fees

When you find projects on freelancing websites that are related to your interests, you have to quote a particular fee on a project or hourly basis. Usually many newbie freelancers believe that they can easily earn thousands of dollars within a few days and so they expect high fees. But actually this is not the case since experienced writers are preferred more over fresh individuals, and thus they are paid more than a new writer. Therefore, when you first begin your career as a freelance writer, you should do some research and compare the fees charged by other writers with your own quoted fees.

2.    Miscalculating Time And Project Costs

Miscalculating the time and project costs are the biggest mistakes that many beginner freelancers make. Freelancers underestimate the time and project costs because it is not easy to calculate the length of time or duration that a particular project will take. Usually a project takes the most time in communicating with clients and making revisions and minor changes to a project. The best way to avoid this miscalculation is to carefully track time of the projects beforehand so that you can easily work after calculating the estimated project cost.

3.    Taking The Work Lightly

Another common mistake is not taking your work seriously. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that you are not accountable to anyone. Even if you’re at home, your work is still work and you have to do it within the assigned time or regular hours.

4.    Not Meeting The Deadlines

Not meeting the deadlines is another big mistake that beginner freelancers make. As a freelancer, you might probably pick different clients and various projects at a time, but you must remember to meet the assigned deadlines of all the projects. You must agree on the deadline that is suitable for both the parties (your client and yourself) since you don’t want to disappoint your client and definitely don’t want to provide low quality work as well.

5.    Doing Everything Yourself

Trying to do everything by themselves (from searching for clients and organizing meetings to answering phone calls and developing websites) is a big mistake made by new freelancers since it only causes extra stress and nothing else. The best solution for this is to outsource. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, you should outsource your work because it will free up your time to a great extent. Pass over the job details to your virtual assistants and they will take care of everything. Set your profit margin up to at least 50% of your monthly rate. This way, you will have more time and less stress.